Monday, 26 January 2009

Licence fee burning at BBC in London

Stop the War protesters sit-in and burn licence fee at BBC's Bush House tonight.

David Soul's not paying.

BBC staff protest over decision not to show Gaza appeal

From the Guardian today:

"Sources have said there was "fury" at the BBC News morning meeting today about the decision, with news editors saying they had not been consulted on the move to not show the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal, which is to be broadcast tonight on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five."

"Sources within the BBC have questioned whether its internal Balen report into its Middle East coverage, which the corporation has refused to publish, has influenced its decision on the DEC appeal. An appeal to the House of Lords to force the BBC to publish the report is currently ongoing"

Director General Mark Thompson is turning the BBC into a laughing stock around the world

update from Glasgow Stop the War on the occupation of the BBC HQ

BBC Scotland headquarters occupied after refusal to show DEC Gaza aid appeal – Occupation victorious in highlighting the issue

GLASGOW – Over 100 people participated in an occupation of the BBC Scotland headquarters today, demanding that the broadcaster show the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza. Occupiers entered the building at 5pm, and despite the police threatening mass arrests to remove everyone within 15 minutes, the occupation remained for almost 4 hours.

The occupation was successful in applying additional pressure on the BBC through extensive national and international media coverage, including CNN, CBS and Al-Jazeera. Tony Benn also telephoned the occupation to offer his support, saying 'The decision to occupy the BBC in Glasgow must be understood as a plea for the people of Gaza, who are suffering so much and who need our help to help get the money through'.

A delegation from the occupation was elected to meet with Ian Small, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs and member of the BBC's Executive Board, who was called in specially to meet with the occupiers. The occupation had three main demands:

* That the BBC reverse its decision and show the DEC Appeal for Gaza.
* That the BBC director responsible for the decision not to air the appeal should be asked to resign.
* That the BBC show coverage of the outrage of the British people against the stopping of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The BBC agreed that it will arrange a meeting with the delegation with Ken McQuarrie, the Controller of the BBC Scotland, and Atholl Duncan, the head of news for BBC Scotland on Wednesday the 28th of January. Glasgow Stop the War Coalition is asking its supporters and those who support humanitarian aid to Gaza to gather outside the BBC on Wednesday at 4.30pm.

Protestors also promised to return unless the DEC appeal is aired. Glasgow Stop the War also called for others to take similar actions around the UK.

All the occupiers decided to leave the building together, and no arrests were made.

'The life of every man, woman and child in Gaza is just as valuable as the lives of people anywhere else in the world. The people of Britain want to help the people of Gaza, and the BBC should give them the information to do so. Every day that the BBC waits to show this appeal, more people in Gaza will die,' said Penny Howard, of the Stop the War Coalition.

White Phosphorus - prima facie evidence

If anyone is in any doubt about the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza this picture of the bombing, with white phosphorus, of the the UN facility in Beit Lahiya should put to bed any doubts.

Cambridge Law Faculty occupation report on ynetnews

ynetnews from Israel covers the sit-in so it's having quite an impact. The fact that Israeli students are involved is extremely encouraging...
...and this on Haaretz, the 'left of centre' Israeli newspaper, reporting on the Oxford occupation.

Boycott Boots The Chemist

Boots the Chemist is investing in the Israeli pharmaceutical sector in a big way
See this article on Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Video of demo on 24 Jan in protest at BBC's refusal to air Gaza charity appeal

Tony Benn reads out DEC details on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Tony Benn gives out details of the appeal on the BBC at the weekend:

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Sit-in at BBC's Glasgow HQ

The BBC's Scottish HQ was occupied on Sunday 25 January (pictured below) by 100 demonstrators from the Stop the War Coalition in protest at their refusal to show the DEC humanitarian appeal for Gaza.

See the story in today's Scotsman newspaper
Actress and Oscar nominee Samantha Morton (pictured) said she was ‘shocked and appalled’ by the BBC’s decision

To complain to the BBC:

Telephone 03700 100222, leave contact details and say you want a response from the BBC.

Complain online: