Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Queen Mary Occupation: Queen Mary university occupied in solidarity with the people of Gaza


Sit-in at Queen Mary College started tonight

Queen Mary College has gone into occupation in solidarity with Gaza. More soon

Clinton: Israel has right to respond to Gaza rocket attacks - Haaretz - Israel News

Clinton backs the slaughter. No surprise there then.

Since the 'truce' Israel has continued to shell Gaza from land and
sea. Airstrikes tonight. At least 10 Israeli tanks plus bulldozers
have moved over the border.

All the crossings are naturally still shut - Hamas gave Israel a week
to open them - with no heavy lifting equipment available to the
Palestinians to dig out the dead from the ruins.


Al Jazeera English - Europe - Pressure builds on BBC in Gaza row


Hamas slams France for sending frigate to Gaza

"We expected France to send hospital ships to treat children burned by banned weapons rather than deploy navy ship to reinforce blockade"

Unfortunately Gordon Brown has announced that the Royal Navy is also going to jump to the Israelis' tune.Surely this amounts to complicity in the war crime of collective punishment

Scots stars boycott BBC over refusal to screen Gaza appeal

From The Herald newspaper
"Scots actor Tam Dean Burn and Scots directors Peter Mullan and Alison Peebles joined Scotland-based actress Pauline Goldsmith last night in vowing not to work for the BBC again if it did not reverse its "disgraceful" decision."


Complaints over BBC Gaza appeal ban pass 20,000

"The number of complaints has almost doubled since early yesterday morning, with a similar increase in the number of MPs voicing their opposition to the BBC's decision."

Article from Brand Republic the marketing professionals' website. I think we can say that the BBC management is damaging the brand big time over refusal to show the charity appeal for Gaza.


Mass return of BBC TV licenses

From: "Stop the War Coalition" <office@stopwar.org.uk>
Date: 26 January 2009 11:49:59 GMT
Subject: Gaza: Mass return of BBC TV licenses

No. 1080  26 January 2009   
Email office@stopwar.org.uk   
Tel: 020 7278 6694   
Web: http://www.stopwar.org.uk


Stop the War is organising a mass return of TV licenses to the    
BBC for those incensed by the continuing refusal of the BBC to    
broadcast and emergency appeal for Gaza.

The fact that other channels including Channel 4, ITV and   
Channel 5 are showing the appeal tonight shows how isolated   
and extreme the BBC is on this issue.

For those living in London there will be a collective return   
of  BBC TV licenses on Monday 26 January, at 5.30pm, at BBC   
Broadcasting House, Portland Place, W1A 1AA. If you live in   
London and want to register your disgust at the BBC   
management's behaviour, do join us, if you can.

We are asking local Stop the War groups outside London, which    
have a BBC office in their area, to organise similar license   
return events, notifying the local media beforehand.

A number of our supporters have informed us that they have   
written to the BBC saying they have cancelled their direct   
debit for their TV license. If you are planning to do the   
same, please inform Stop the War at office@stopwar.org.uk.

The BBC said that by yesterday they had received over 11,000   
complaints. That figure is bound to be far higher by now,   
given how there is now virtually unanimous agreement across   
the full spectrum of opinion in Britain that the BBC must   
reverse its disgraceful decision. Reports say that the vast   
majority of BBC staff are outraged by the blocking of the Gaza    
appeal. We need to do all we can to increase the pressure on   
the BBC management.

If you have not complained to the BBC yet, do so here:    
PHONE: 03700 100 222   
TEXT: 03700 100 212   

You can donate to the appeal that the BBC is denying a    
broadcast here:   


Over 100 protestors from the Stop the war and Palestinian   
groups occupied the BBC's Scotland headquarters in Glasgow.   
The occupation was a complete success in increasing pressure   
on the BBC and getting widespread media coverage. The BBC   
management conceded to the protesters' demands for a meeting   
with representatives from the BBC national executive. There   
were no arrests. For a full report, go to:   

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From Haaretz... Israel failed

Recognizing that Israel's effort to topple Hamas has failed

"A senior Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, Ayman Taha, told the Egyptian paper Al-Ahram that Israel had offered to free 1,000 Palestinian prisoners and open the crossings in exchange for a cease-fire and Shalit's release. The Lebanese paper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, citing Israeli sources, said the offer was for 1,050 prisoners, including 280 of the 350 senior terrorists whose release Hamas has demanded by name. Prior to the Gaza operation, Israel had agreed to release only some 220 people on this list.
"The organization's main rationale for ending its last truce with Israel, in December, was to end Israel's blockade of Gaza, so Israel's offer allows Hamas to achieve the primary goal for which it went to war."

Top US blog covers UK student sit-ins for Gaza

Report on UK student Gaza solidarity sit-ins - from the influential US blog The Daily Kos


Clashes erupt on Israeli-Gaza border

Israel still killing - report from Al Jazeera...

New attacks on Gaza today - 1 Israeli soldier killed - Israeli war criminals exposed

Names and photos of Israeli war criminals - from Kawther Salam's website

"I have decided to publish some names and photos of the Israeli military personnel who participated in the so-called “Operation Cast the offensive launched by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on the Gaza Strip between 27 December and 18 January 2009. The names of these criminals called my attention since the first day of their criminal attack against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza. I consider each person who took part in this IOF and each one whose name appears in this report as a war criminal who should be requested by an international court of justice, just like all other war criminals who were persecuted before…

"My decision is a challenge to the State of Israel, to the Israeli attorney general and the military headquarters, who forbade the media from publishing the names of the Israeli officers who lead “Operation Cast Lead” in Gaza, murdering 1310, and wounding over 5600, over 90% of these casualties being civilians, destroying public and the private property in many parts of towns and cities, and completely razing several areas completely to the ground."