Thursday, 29 January 2009

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

Israel's war on Gaza has undermined its support around the world. This is worrying news for the them...
In the wake of Operation Cast Lead, a group of American university professors has for the first time launched a national campaign calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

While Israeli academics have grown used to such news from Great Britain, where anti-Israel groups several times attempted to establish academic boycotts, the formation of the United States movement marks the first time that a national academic boycott movement has come out of America. Israeli professors are not sure yet how big of an impact the one-week-old movement will have, but started discussing the significance of and possible counteractions against the campaign.
from Haaretz

War criminal in London - demonstrate

Demonstration against visiting IDF official today 6pm!
Please publicise widely and demonstrate against the Colonel Geva Rapp, deputy commander of the Israeli Ground Forces in Operation Cast Lead against Gaza. This person should be charged for War Crimes and should not be travelling freely in the UK.

Day & Date: This Thursday 29th January (today)
Time: 6:00pm (Talk starts at 6:30pm)
Venue: The Jewish London Student Centre in Euston, 163 Euston Road.
Speaker: Colonel Geva Rapp, the head of the ground operations in Gaza (Operation Cast Lead)!

from LSE occupation blog

UN launches $613m appeal for Gaza

The UN has launched an appeal for $613m to help people affected by Israel's military offensive in Gaza.
BBC shame on you. see the story here

Fate of hundreds of kidnapped Gazans unknown

Israel rounded up men at random and most have not been seen since.

story from the International Middle East Media Center is here
Some 300 Palestinians were taken during the attacks on Gaza, but for many, their fate remains in limbo. President of the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Qaddura Fares, told PNN today that the Israeli administration refuses to disclose their names.

It is unknown know exactly who was taken and to where. Tens have been released and report the existence of many remaining, including those with untreated medical conditions.

Approximately 40 people were put in al-Naqab Prison where they are being held without access to the Red Cross, lawyers or winter blankets.

The Israelis are referring to these political prisoners as “enemy combatants.”

The world has had enough

170 MPs condemn BBC

More than 170 MPs have now put their names to parliamentary motions criticising the BBC and Sky for not broadcasting a charity's Gaza appeal.
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) wants money to send aid following the recent Israeli assault.

story on BBC here

Keep it rolling - well done Nottingham Uni

View the video here

Nottingham University occupied.

On Wednesday 28th January at around 8pm, around a hundred students occupied Room B62 in the Law and Social Sciences building on the University of Nottingham campus in solidarity with the victims of Israeli atrocities in Gaza [1]. The peaceful campus occupation is the seventeenth in a wave of similar actions across the U.K. since the New Year. Students at the University of Nottingham expressed their solidarity with students at the School of Oriental and African Studies, the London School of Economics, King’s College London, Birmingham, Essex, Warwick, Sussex, Oxford, Manchester Metropolitan, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Queen Mary’s, and Bradford Universities; all of whom have undertaken occupations in support of Gaza.

The protesters have announced they will not lift the occupation until their demands have been met by the university authorities Keep reading →

Al Jazeera English - Middle East - Gaza rocket hits southern Israel

Hamas fired rocket earlier today - Israel has continued airstrikes.