Friday, 30 January 2009

Nottingham Uni authorities turn off power to sit-in

Another university management going for the intimidatory approach.

Gaza residents launch legal fight to make BBC broadcast aid appeal

From the

Two Gaza residents are using legal threats to try to get the BBC to lift its ban on broadcasting humanitarian aid appeal for victims of the recent conflict.

Clerkenwell-based law firm Hickman & Rose has written a 23-page letter to the BBC seeking to take the corporation to a judicial review unless it airs the Disasters Emergency Committee film.

The letter, headed "Legal challenge to the decision not to broadcast the DEC appeal", has been sent on behalf of three people, two of whom are named as residents of Gaza.

The letter asserts that the BBC decision - made by the director general, Mark Thompson, and top executives - was "irrational or otherwise unlawful" and says it breached the European convention on human rights.

"We have been instructed to write a letter of claim and we are awaiting a substantive response," said a spokeswoman for the law firm.

The letter derailed the BBC Trust's fast-track investigation into the corporation's decision to refuse to broadcast the Gaza appeal.

A special three-person ad hoc BBC Trust committee - chaired by Richard Tait, a former chief executive of ITN, with the trust chairman, Sir Michael Lyons, and vice-chairwoman Chitra Bharucha - had planned to make recommendations to the full trust board and make an announcement on Thursday.

The BBC Trust said it did not know how long the process would take.

"The delay is regrettable, but of course we take all complaints very seriously," said a BBC Trust spokesman.

The BBC received 21,000 after it refused to show the appeal complaints. BSkyB also refused to broadcast the appeal.

Statement by Ursula K. Le Guin on BBC Gaza Appeal

The BBC's area of influence is worldwide; its unhappy decision not to air the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal is important news here on the West Coast.

I should like to add my voice to that of China Mieville and all the others protesting this confusion of political or sectarian bias with a legitimate and urgent humanitarian appeal.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Portland, Oregon.

'All we have are the tunnels'

“All we have,” said Muhammad Sha’er, as he looked from a rooftop into Gaza, “are the tunnels.”

Early Wednesday morning, Israel again bombed the tunnels that stretch under the border from Gaza into Egypt. The bombings followed a 22-day Israeli offensive to stop Hamas’s rocket fire, which was followed by international negotiations aimed at ending smuggling into Gaza.

But here in Rafah, people were still trying to smuggle goods through tunnels, hours before and hours after the bombing Wednesday morning.
from the New York Times

Richard Burden MP - Early Day Motion on Gaza Appeal Broadcast

At last count 170 MPs from all parties had signed.

EDM 585 - DEC Gaza Crisis Appeal 26.01.2009

That this House is astonished by the refusal of the BBC and Sky to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Gaza Crisis Appeal; considers that the explanations given for this decision by BBC spokespersons are both unconvincing and incoherent; and draws attention to the fact that people wishing to obtain information about the Gaza appeal can contact the DEC by visiting

Burden, Richard

122 signatures

Abbott, Diane | Alexander, Danny | Atkins, Charlotte | Austin, John | Barrett, John | Battle, John | Begg, Anne | Berry, Roger | Betts, Clive | Bottomley, Peter | Brake, Tom | Breed, Colin | Brown, Lyn | Bruce, Malcolm | Buck, Karen | Burstow, Paul | Burt, Lorely | Caborn, Richard | Campbell, Menzies | Carmichael, Alistair | Caton, Martin | Chaytor, David | Clark, Katy | Clelland, David | Clwyd, Ann | Cohen, Harry | Connarty, Michael | Cook, Frank | Corbyn, Jeremy | Cunningham, Jim | Davies, Dai | Dean, Janet | Devine, Jim | Dhanda, Parmjit | Dobbin, Jim | Dowd, Jim | Drew, David | Efford, Clive | Flynn, Paul | Foster, Don | Francis, Hywel | Galloway, George | Gapes, Mike | George, Andrew | George, Bruce | Gerrard, Neil | Gibson, Ian | Griffith, Nia | Gwynne, Andrew | Hain, Peter | Hamilton, Fabian | Hancock, Mike | Hemming, John | Holmes, Paul | Hopkins, Kelvin | Horwood, Martin | Hosie, Stewart | Hughes, Simon | Iddon, Brian | Illsley, Eric | Jackson, Glenda | Jones, Lynne | Jones, Martyn | Kaufman, Gerald | Keeble, Sally | Key, Robert | Kidney, David | Lamb, Norman | Lazarowicz, Mark | Leech, John | Levitt, Tom | Linton, Martin | Love, Andrew | Luff, Peter | MacNeil, Angus | Mahmood, Khalid | Main, Anne | Mallaber, Judy | Marshall-Andrews, Robert | Mason, John | Meacher, Michael | Michael, Alun | Moffatt, Laura | Moore, Michael | Morgan, Julie | Mulholland, Greg | Naysmith, Doug | Owen, Albert | Pelling, Andrew | Prentice, Gordon | Purchase, Ken | Reid, Alan | Robertson, Angus | Robertson, John | Rooney, Terry | Rowen, Paul | Russell, Bob | Salmond, Alex | Salter, Martin | Sarwar, Mohammad | Short, Clare | Singh, Marsha | Slaughter, Andy | Smith, Robert | Soames, Nicholas | Soulsby, Peter | Starkey, Phyllis | Swinson, Jo | Taylor, Ian | Teather, Sarah | Thornberry, Emily | Touhig, Don | Vaz, Keith | Walter, Robert | Webb, Steve | Weir, Mike | Williams, Betty | Williams, Hywel | Winnick, David | Wishart,Pete | Wyatt, Derek |

Students' Gaza protest could go on 'into next week'

from Notttingham's Evening Post
UNIVERSITY of Nottingham students expect their sit-in protest over Gaza to last at least another three or four days.

The students may even occupy another room in the university's Law and Social Sciences building, as they have been joined by so many supporters.

They have been inundated with offers from so many speakers – including Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson – they have had to turn people down.

The protest is over the carnage in Gaza and their university's response to it.

Students have occupied Room B62 of the Law and Social Sciences building since Wednesday night.
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In addition to protesting at the general conditions in Gaza, the students' particular demands to their university included that the university website carry the Gaza relief appeal that the BBC and Sky refused to broadcast;

Israel losing its friends?

Although Turkey hasn't yet cut any of its ties, military or diplomatic, with Israel things are hotting up as Erdogan is forced to relate to the growing support for Palestine marked by the historically massive demos over Gaza.
Turkish PM returns to hero's welcome after Gaza row

Thousands of people waving Turkish and Palestinian flags gather at Istanbul airport to greet Erdogan after he stormed out of heated debate on Israeli offensive at World Economic Forum in Davos. Turkey's state-run news agency says President Peres apologized to Erdogan after debate

Turkish PM returns to hero's welcome after Gaza row

Thousands of people waving Turkish and Palestinian flags gather at Istanbul airport to greet Erdogan after he stormed out of heated debate on Israeli offensive at World Economic Forum in Davos. Turkey's state-run news agency says President Peres apologized to Erdogan after debate

from ynetnews
and from the International Herald Tribune
"President Peres you are older than me and your voice is very loud. The reason for you raising your voice is the psychology of guilt. I will not raise my voice that much, you should know that. When it comes to killing you know very well how to kill. I know very well how you hit and killed children on the beaches," he said during the panel discussion.

Peres said on Friday he hoped relations with Turkey would not be affected by the heated exchange.

"We don't want conflict with Turkey. We are in a conflict with the Palestinians," Peres told reporters in Davos.