Monday, 2 February 2009

Students victimised at Sheffield Hallam as VCs get tough

“Having left the room after intimidation and complete lack of negotiation by management, outright hostility to our demands and threat of arrests by police, we left.
Having agreed to leave peacefully (in accordance with our exclusively peaceful protest) we were assured by the Univeristy Management that students taking part in the occupation would face no repercussions. Today we find that many students were told that due to their taking part in the occupation, they are to be suspended from the university; effectively not being able to take part in lectures, examinations and their learning!”

Sheffield Hallam Uni occupation website

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday 4 February regarding Gaza, the student occupations and asking where next for the movement.Venue and time tbc

Hamas favours truce if crossings opened

From ynetnews
Hamas is in favor of a one-year truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip, spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said.

Barhoum told the French news agency that "Egypt offered an 18-month ceasefire, and we have not closed the door on that possibility yet. A ceasefire of a year or a year and a half will depend on the opening of all crossings, including the Rafah crossing, and in lifting the blockade."

More Israeli airstrikes today

One 'militant' killed apparently.

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Palestinian killed in Israeli Gaza strikes
Israel has launched a number of attacks on the Gaza Strip. In one, a Palestinian was killed when the car he shared with other men, all said to be members of a small radical group, was targetted in southern Gaza. A Hamas complex in Gaza City and tunnels near the border with Egypt were also hit.

Nottingham University sit-in forcibly ended - Shame on Steven Dudderidge and NUS

From Nottingham Evening News
A STUDENT sit-in protest at the University of Nottingham over events in Gaza ended last night.

More than 20 students were removed at around 6.10pm after security entered the room in the university's Law and Social Science building.

Some students claim they were forcibly removed and said they would be taking up the matter with police.

Oh well - can always reoccupy a more strategic building with bigger numbers next time. The start of an ongoing campaign...
Nottingham Occupation website

James Miller's family to receive payout from guilty Israel

From the Western Morning News
In essence an admission of guilt by the Israeli state.
THE family of a Westcountry film-maker shot by the Israeli army have accepted a settlement from the country's government.

James Miller, 34, from Braunton, North Devon, was killed in Rafah in the Gaza Strip in May 2003 while working on a documentary for the American HBO network.

The 34-year-old father-of-two was shot in the neck by an Israeli soldier despite carrying a white flag and wearing a helmet which clearly identified him as a television cameraman.

In 2006, an inquest jury in London ruled he had been murdered.

Gaza map of destruction

We are a group of Lebanese, Palestinian, and other activists who have worked together previously, mainly doing media and mapping work during the summer 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon, and some of us later on advocacy and design for the reconstruction of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp. We have among us designers, architects, researchers, media people, and many other random activists. Although we are not an organised body or politically affiliated with a specific group, we are all pro-Palestinian.
Gaza map
The Gaza Solidarity maps are but a small contribution from us to the Palestinians in Gaza. Please feel free to use and distribute the maps widely, and send us your feedback and suggestions on the blog as well as

Gaza map

Extreme right set for gains in Israeli election

Israel is continually held up as the only democracy in the Middle East. It's a lie. Israel has banned the Arab parties from standing in the forthcoming general election. The hard right are set to make gains - presumably on the basis that Olmert and Livni should have killed more Palestinian children.

from the Times
Israel: Hardline nationalists savour pre-election boost in polls

Israeli politics are set to take a sharp turn to the right at next week’s general elections, with hardline nationalist parties surging ahead in polls in response to the war in Gaza.

In a measure of the resurgence of the Israeli Right, the hawkish party Yisrael Beitenu may even squeeze out the Labour Party to take third place in the vote on February 10. That would mark a distinct shift in the political landscape. Labour was Israel’s founding party and ruled for decades before slowly losing out to new right-wing parties such as Likud in the 1970s.