Sunday, 22 February 2009

IDF sets dog on paralysed Palestinian

From Haaretz
The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday confirmed that an army dog bit an elderly Palestinian during a West Bank raid.

Salem Bani Odeh said he was in his bed when he was bitten repeatedly. He remained hospitalized Sunday with a gash in his left ear.

The 99-year-old's relatives said he is paralyzed.

The incident occurred before dawn Friday in the village of Tamoun.

Viva Palestina in Algeria - huge crowds, free petrol

[11:28 GMT 22 Feb - People absolutely overwhelmed by response they received in Maghnia. Small place, felt like entire town came out, even though late & cold. - 21 Feb - Convoy was hugely delayed at border while paperwork was checked. But, huge crowds! All vehicles getting free petrol in Algeria -]

For more go to Viva Palestina and Gaza convoy blog
“Salaam we went through centre and hundreds of people here, it was amazing as its somthing we have never seen before. There were hundreds of people on the streets cheering. We were on the roof of our van, hanging off the back ladder with Mudasir tannoy. It was top, even the police are cheering ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. The youths, kids and men were hugging us…a 15yr old boy told me that even the muslims who drink came on the street to shout ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ and they make dua for us everyday to succeed.
We have come to a caravan site to sleep now”

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UK guilty of widespread torture

What we all suspected was the case - UK is up to its neck in torturing'terrorist' suspects according to Human Rights Watch. Are the criminals that ordered this going to go to prison? No, unless we bring enormous pressure to bear; Tony Blair is now a 'peace envoy' in the Middle East.

UK has of course had plenty of places to practise its torture techniques from the old days of Empire and not so old days in the north of Ireland.
From the Guardian/Observer
A shocking new report alleges widespread complicity between British security agents and their Pakistani counterparts who have routinely engaged in the torture of suspects.

In the study, which will be published next month by the civil liberties group Human Rights Watch, at least 10 Britons are identified who have been allegedly tortured in Pakistan and subsequently questioned by UK intelligence officials. It warns that more British cases may surface and that the issue of Pakistani terrorism suspects interrogated by British agents is likely to "run much deeper"...
...the Human Rights Watch (HRW) evidence collated from Pakistan intelligence officials indicated a "systemic" modus operandi among British security services, involving a significant number of UK agentsfrom MI5 rather than maverick elements..
...Among the 10 identified cases of British citizens and residents mentioned in the report is Rangzieb Ahmed, 33, from Rochdale, who claims he was tortured by Pakistani intelligence agents before being questioned by two MI5 officers. more

Egypt opens Gaza border - students and patients only

As predicted on this site Egypt has opened the border crossing at Rafah (at 7:00 GMT) - but only for three days, and only for students and medical patients. They are going to have difficulty shutting it again now that its open so let's hope three days becomes mutates into a permanent opening
The border between Gaza and Egypt, the sole crossing that bypasses Israel, has been opened for three days to allow the passage of students and the sick.

Obama signals backing for Netanyahu-extreme right Israeli govt

From PIC
RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The new American administration pledged to continue cooperating with the new Israeli government to be formed by Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing optimism about the future of peace talks in the Middle East. more

Birzeit University backing the occupations

Statement of support from Birzeit University students to occupaying students aronud the world
The Right to Education Campaign and the students of Birzeit University would like to commend and express support for students worldwide who have taken a principled stance against the ferocious Israeli bombardment of the Gaza strip for 22 days between December 2008 and January 2009. More than 1,300 Palestinians were killed, including 400 children, and over 4,000 Palestinians were injured. more