Sunday, 1 March 2009

Israel threatens Gazans with more massacres

Israel is gearing up for more massacres in Gaza and as usual the western media (New York Times report here) presents it as a response to rocket attacks. The context is somewhat different of course. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported on Thursday that the Israeli army in the week ending 25 February alone has wounded 19 Palestinians, kidnapped 42 and made 35 incursions in the Gaza strip and West Bank. Israel is also going ahead with plans to remove 1,500 Palestinian and demolish 88 homes in occupied Jerusalem.

No wonder the resistance is still firing rockets.

The Observer reports today that Hamas attempted to open negotiations with Israel using a member of Olmert's family as a secret messenger. The Israelis, bent on war as ever, snubbed the moves towards dialogue.

Ynetnews surveys the wreckage that was the Turkish-Israeli alliance, another unforeseen setback for the Israelis after their 23-day war against the people of Gaza. UNder the headline 'Honeymoon over' the story notes that 70% of bookings by Israelis in Turkish hotels have been cancelled in protest at Turkey's refusal to endorse mass murder in Gaza. Then again they were not likely to exactly be welcomed with open arms by the Turks as the picture above makes clear.

And if you are still trying to find justification for the firing of rockets at Israel perhaps the British Independent on Sunday newspapers expose of Israeli death squads might help to clarify things.

Meanwhile the Viva Palestina convoy is in Libya after passing through the Ras Al-Jdair border crossing this morning. The Libyans have donated two ambulances, a fire engine and 70 equipped trucks to the convoy, according to the Libyan Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation

Egyptian marchers defy government repression

An earlier attempt at this march ended with the arrest of activists, including German-Egyptian activist Philip Rizkwho was only released after international outrage but others are still being detained such as Diaeddin Gad, 22, who writes the Sawt Ghadib (Angry Voice) blog.

From the Daily News Egypt
CAIRO: Fifteen Egyptian and foreign activists took part in a solidarity march for Gaza on Friday in the outskirts of Cairo. Carrying signs with messages like "break the siege" and "support the resistance," they walked from Ezbet El-Nakhl to the end of the Marg metro line.

One of the participants, Ahmed Droubi, described the march as part of a campaign to highlight the ongoing siege on Gaza.

"We wanted to make a statement that the campaign is continuing despite the crackdown of the paranoid authoritarian government on the first march, and on all sorts of activism in solidarity with Palestine," Droubi said.

On Feb. 6 a group of 14 activists was stopped by police in Qaliubiya governorate after a similar march from Shubra Al-Kheima, North Cairo. All of them were eventually released except German-Egyptian activist Philip Rizk, who was detained by state security and interrogated for four days before being released.

Egypt has decided to allow the Viva Palestina convoy to cross into Gaza when it gets to Rafah. Details at

German politician urges Europe to talk to Hamas

Campaign to recognise Hamas is picking up speed.

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