Saturday, 7 March 2009

Racist Israeli police beat pregnant Palestinian woman and kids

An 'Arab Israeli' woman, Rasmiya Saadi, (in other words a Palestinian living inside the so-called 'Jewish state') and her young children aged between 8 and 14 were assaulted by police on Wednesday in Jaffa.

Her kids were playing with a toy gun - a dangerous for an Palestinian to do in the apartheid state - when a passing police vehicle stopped and attacked the children. When the pregnant mother tried to intervene she was hit in the stomach. The female Israeli officer stood by and laughed according to reports at ynetnews.

The police then entered the woman's house and among other things locked her 14-year-old son in a room and beat him, later taking him away for detention, and no doubt more beatings.

These instances of police brutality against Palestinians in Israel are an everyday event but are rarely reported in the media. None of the Israeli police involved have been arrested let alone charged but hey - they are 'investigating'.

12,000 pro-Palestine demonstrators clash with police in Sweden

As we reported last week the Stop the Match movement in Malmo, Sweden succeeded in forcing the Sweden v Israel Davis Cup to be played with no spectators. But demonstrators still gathered today in their thousands to try and prevent the match happening at all.

Israel 'pressuring' Egypt on Viva Palestina

Press TV reports that four Viva Palestina volunteers have been expelled from Egypt shortly after entry. The 'warm' greeting by Egyptian officials has been exposed by the way in which they have broken up the 3-mile long convoy into groups of 20 vehicles surrounded by police. It would appear George Galloway's pandering/negotiations (depending on what interpretation you want to put on the unavoidable dealings the convoy leaders have had with the Egyptian dictatorship) may not been entirely successful.

The four persons returned to Libya are Stephen Gray, Richard Burton, Shams Suppin Razaq and Azam Hussein. Typically, no explanation has been given by the Egyptian government for barring the four.

There are even rumours, according to Yvonne Ridley who is reporting for Iranian Press TV, that Israel is pressuring the Egyptian dictatorship to route the convoy through Israel. But what leverage does Israel have over Egypt to make this happen? Obviously none. It is the US aid that the dictatorship is scarred of losing and, most importantly, the potential for the convoy to stir its own population.

Let's hope the aid gets through the Rafah crossing and no harm comes to anyone on the convoy.

Alice Walker lends support to Gaza solidarity movement

Alice Walker's visit to Gaza is an important gesture as to some extent she represents the conscience of the African-American people. The dominance of political space in the US by the zionists is under the most severe assault since the creation of the settler state in Palestine - and the Israeli state still doesn't get it: they are undermining their base of support around the world by their criminal and inhuman actions.

From AP
Pulitzer-prize winning author Alice Walker, who wrote "The Color Purple," is traveling to Gaza along with other female activists to highlight the devastation of the Israeli offensive on Gaza's residents.

"I feel that what is happening in the Middle East is very important because the situation is so volatile," said Walker, speaking by telephone Saturday from the Rafah border crossing as her group waited to travel into Gaza. "I love people, and I love children and I feel that the Palestinian child is just as precious as the African-American child, as the Jewish child."

Isreal gearing up for Cast Lead 2?

Is Israel getting ready for another war in Gaza? They certainly failed to achieve any of their war aims in the last one, unless you call killing hundreds of women and children a war aim.

There have been reports in Israel about the ineffectiveness of the air campaign in 'degrading' the military capabilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Also the the tunnels continued to operate at full capacity during the air offensive and that most survived, and those that didn't were quickly brought back into service.

Most of the rocket fire from Gaza has not been from Hamas but Islamic Jihad whose biggest barrage to date, following the killing of five of its resistance fighters, only numbered 20 rockets. Hamas for the moment is staying on the sidelines.

Israel even made a deal with Egypt not to try and assassinate the Hamas number two, based in Syria, who made a visit to Gaza a few days ago. Israel hoped his visit might help to facilitate the freeing of Palestinian prisoner of war Gilad Shalit.

Nevertheless, a senior Israeli officer says that a major incursion is likely before the 10-day deadline for Nethanyahu to form a government expires.

They may also attack in order to thwart the forthcoming Palestinian national reconciliation talks. The same unnamed senior officer thinks a decision will be made at a cabinet meeting this Sunday.

Israel orders another 36 illegal demolitions

The Israeli bulldozers are being kept busy in Jerusalem. Orders for another 36 demolitions have been issued.

And still we hear no condemnation from the west, just 'concern'.

Palestinians in the Sahel area near the old city have set up a protest camp on the ruins of the last house in the area and to protest the proposed demolition of an apartment block. A word to the zionist criminals: when a Palestinian responds by attacking one of your policemen by driving a truck into a car please don't call it terrorism. The case of Sharif Attoun who asked a friend to demolish his home rather than waiting for the Israelis to do it was highlighted by Reuters this week. Palestinian's have to pay the Israelis to demolish their own homes - how sick is that?
When Palestinian Sharif Attoun asked bulldozer driver Ziad Dabash to flatten his home in Arab East Jerusalem, his friend was heartbroken.

But for Attoun, watching his 13-year-old house being demolished by a friend was a lesser evil: If Dabash wouldn't do it, Israeli authorities would have, a move that comes with some $20,000 in demolition fees and possible imprisonment.

Attoun's ordeal is not uncommon among some 260,000 Palestinians living in Arab East Jerusalem who say Israeli municipal authorities in the city often deny them building permits. more

Hamas not impressed by PM's resignation

As you can see from the statement below Hamas is not exactly impressed by the resignation of Fayyad whose government was illegtimate in the first place and an obstacle to national dialogue. Nevertheless the removal of this obstacle is a step forward I guess is the inference.
The PA government of Ismail Haneyya on Saturday underlined that the Ramallah government of Salam Fayyad was an illegitimate government and was illegally practicing its duties.

Taher Al-Nunu, the government's spokesman, said in a statement that Fayyad's government was ruling contrary to the Palestinian people's will, which chose Hamas to rule them.

He said that Fayyad's resignation from his "illegal post" had its reasons, none of which are related to the national reconciliation dialog in Cairo because his government was in itself an obstacle before this dialog.

Nunu called for restoring rule of Hanneya's government over the West Bank along with the Gaza Strip in accordance with the law until end of the national dialog in Cairo that would form a new government.

Palestinian PM resigns in signal to Hamas

The resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayad, appointed in the aftermath of the US/Fatah attempted coup against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, is a sign that Fatah may be serious about a national unity government and reconciliation with Hamas. More on this from Hamas soon.

See story at the NY Times

West losing in Afghanistan - just like Vietnam

The right-wing pro-Israel Daily Telegraph in the UK speaks to the ex-SAS chief (an elite fighting formation of the British Army) about the disaster for the British and US armies unfolding in Afghanistan.

End the occupation now. Bring the troops home.

Perhaps that's why the US is now going to talk to Syria and the British to Hezbollah - the foreign policy of the neo-cons and Blair lies in ruins, but unfortunately so do the lives of millions of people in the Middle East and beyond.

More terror from Israel in Gaza

Israel assassinated another member of Islamic Jihad this morning and seriously injured another person, in their on-going campaign of terror in Gaza. Hopefully retaliation by the resistance will be swift and powerful.

These are the kind of people the Gazans are up against:
Israeli 'soldiers' leave faeces and urine in the Gazan homes they didn't destroy

Watched Defiance last night about Jewish resistance - of which there was a great deal, although western stereotypes prefer to see Jews as helpless during the holocaust - to the Nazis. Israel is destroying the soul of the Jewish people. Read Dan Meyer's excellent article A tale of two grandads.

Israel annexing East Jersusalem

Palestinians on the West Bank are warning Israel, and its western backers, that a third Intifada, or uprising, will explode against the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem by Israel.

A leaked report from the European Union, written late last year, has accused the Israeli state of attempting to annex East Jerusalem.

From the Palestine Information Center
Head of the Islamic Higher Committee, Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, warned of the outbreak of a third intifada in defence of occupied Jerusalem against Zionist campaigns of "transfer" and Judaization.

He said in a statement to the UAE-based al-Khalij newspaper on Friday that people's uprisings against oppression are spontaneous and that the Israeli occupation practices against the Palestinian people, in general, and occupied Jerusalem in particular are pushing towards explosion.
From the Guardian
"Israeli 'facts on the ground' - including new settlements, construction of the barrier, discriminatory housing policies, house demolitions, restrictive permit regime and continued closure of Palestinian institutions - increase Jewish Israeli presence in East Jerusalem, weaken the Palestinian community in the city, impede Palestinian urban development and separate East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank," the report says.

For more news and action on the apartheid wall go to

Manchester occupation ends on students' terms

Alan Gilbert, the vice chancellor that bankrupted his old university in Melbourne with his extreme privatisation policy, is now faced with a student body hostile to his rule and has also succeeded in alienating academic and support staff.

He is isolated and the student body has been invigorated and strengthened in the battle for solidarity with Gaza - and the wide gamut of other issues faced by students in the UK, up against the corporatisation of education in the UK.

Well done Manchester for maintaining your month long occupation which can of course be reinstituted. However, the importance of occupying and holding strategic university buildings - the admin and post rooms - should be emphasised.

From Manchester University occupation blog
After 31 days, 2 Emergency General Meetings, support from academics, students and trade unions from across the globe, as part of over 30 occupations in the U.K, students scaling the gates and blockading the Board of Directors car park; with guest speakers, workshops and film nights; after resolute defiance to countless threats from the University administration, students and activists from the University of Manchester can declare they are entering into negotiations on their terms with the Vice-Chancellor!

The decision was made from the group that leaving today was going to leave them in a position of strength. The fact the Vice-Chancellor did not issue an ultimatum time demonstrates it was the students calling the shots.