Sunday, 15 March 2009

Resistance kills Israeli police on West Bank

Two Israeli policemen were killed today by resistance fighters on the West Bank. The successful attack happened in the Jordan valley on one of the Jewish-only highways that dissect the West Bank linking the illegal settlement outposts.

The Israelis are already using the resistance attack as an excuse to re-impose recently lifted checkpoints near Nablus.

Last week Wednesday Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian youth they claimed had thrown a molotov cocktail. Maybe this successful counter-attack will make them think twice about shooting dead defenceless kids.

Israel locked down the entire West Bank so they could celebrate the Jewish Purim festival, regardless of the increased hardship it brought to the Palestinian population.

Israel plans to demolish a further 1700 Palestinian houses in Jerusalm

The leader of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Ra'ed Salah, claims that Israel is planning to displace 17,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem by demolishing 1,700 houses.

At a press conference in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem Salah described the ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing in occupied Jerusalem as the most critical situation the city has faced since 1967.

Salah appealed to Arab and Islamic countries to come to the immediate aid of the population and the city's holy sites.

CIA report on Israel's downfall to be posted on Wikileaks

Our report based on a Press TV interview with Franklin Lamb concerning a CIA report predicting the likely demise of the Israeli state has been doubted by pro-Israel bloggers and others.

Franklin Lamb contacted Gaza Solidarity today to confirm the report's existence and he expects an Executive Summary of it to be posted on Wikileaks in the near future.

Thanks Franklin

Zionism is the problem says Ben Ehrenreich

Great article by Ben Ehrenreich in today's Los Angeles Times
Zionism is the problem

The Zionist ideal of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians from living in peace.

It's hard to imagine now, but in 1944, six years after Kristallnacht, Lessing J. Rosenwald, president of the American Council for Judaism, felt comfortable equating the Zionist ideal of Jewish statehood with "the concept of a racial state -- the Hitlerian concept." For most of the last century, a principled opposition to Zionism was a mainstream stance within American Judaism.

Even after the foundation of Israel, anti-Zionism was not a particularly heretical position. Assimilated Reform Jews like Rosenwald believed that Judaism should remain a matter of religious rather than political allegiance; the ultra-Orthodox saw Jewish statehood as an impious attempt to "push the hand of God"; and Marxist Jews -- my grandparents among them -- tended to see Zionism, and all nationalisms, as a distraction from the more essential struggle between classes...

...Meanwhile, the characterization of anti-Zionism as an "epidemic" more dangerous than anti-Semitism reveals only the unsustainability of the position into which Israel's apologists have been forced. Faced with international condemnation, they seek to limit the discourse, to erect walls that delineate what can and can't be said. more
See the brilliant article by Dan Mayer - Socialism or Zionism: a tale of two grandads.

Olmert desperate for prisoner deal - sends Shin Bet

Israel premier Olmert, is desperate to secure the release of their prisoner-of-war, which bizarrely he presents as deadline for Hamas, is of course a deadline for his government which is to be replaced next week by the most right-wing government in Israel's history, threatening to turn the country into even more of a pariah state, as it will include Lieberman's fascist party. In a sign of Olmert's narrowing room for manoeuvre he has had to bring in Shin Bet on the discussions to reassure the Israeli population that the release of 'terrorists' is okay.

So we get this rather strange interpretation of events from Haaretz this morning: "Israel to Hamas: Deadline for Shalit deal is tonight; Shin Bet head, PM envoy leave for talks in Cairo".

Israel is going to decide on a deal for the prisoner exchange on Monday and is set to release as many as 450 Palestinians, many resistance fighters among them.

British MPs call for lifting of the siege

Dozens of British MPs including former lawmaker and minister Tony Benn attended a massive assembly in solidarity with Gaza held Thursday evening in the House of Commons at the invitation of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. It follows a lobby of MPs in parliament the previous day.

This special meeting was also attended by representatives of other British political parties, social and religious organisations and student and labor unions. The most prominent speech that touched the hearts of the attendees was delivered by Sameh Habib, the editor-in-chief of the English-language Palestine Telegraph newspaper.

Habib moved some of the audience to tears when he described a number of real tragic scenes that occurred during the last Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and explained the size of suffering experienced by the distressed Gaza people after war.

Sarah Thatcher MP said in her speech that the humanitarian conditions in Gaza are extremely difficult and the citizens there live in a heartbreaking situation after Israel destroyed entire civilian areas.

Thatcher urged the British government to urgently move to end the Gaza tragedy and also called on the UN and the Security Council to play more active role for the protection of human rights in the occupied Palestinian areas and for the enforcement of the international law.

Rabbi Jacob Zappa condemned the British government, the EU and the Security Council for their silence towards Israel's actions and aggression on the Palestinian people and its war in Gaza.

Thanks to the Palestine Information Center for providing this report