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Resistance 'one step ahead' in Gaza

Despite Olmert's claims of victory in Gaza, the 'facts on underground' told a different story.

From the Christian Science Monitor

Palestinian militants' advantage in Gaza?

"Hamas has disappeared underground and Israel controls the sky," says Mr. Weizman. "The more dominance they have of the sky, the more the Palestinians master the subterranean."

The permeability of the Palestinian camp, once a strong defense strategy for the Palestinians, has been effectively neutralized by the IDF's appropriation of the tactic in their own ground offensives on camps.

So Palestinians have had to push the envelope to stay ahead and they have done this by extending what was once an above-ground network of passages beneath the surface of the camp.

The camps in Gaza have extended underground, not just in the form of the tunnel lifelines to Egypt at Rafah, but in a sophisticated network of bunkers, control rooms, and hideouts at inland camps like Al Shati and Jabilia. This is the latest puzzle the IDF has to solve in its ongoing cat-and-mouse game of war tactics with the Palestinian militants.

How close they are to solving it may become clearer once the architects and urban planners working with B'Tselem are allowed to reenter Gaza. The teams will undertake a "forensic" survey of the rubble, taking photos, discerning patterns of destruction, and creating 3-D reconstructions of areas and buildings.

The survey will result in a public report in the coming months, and its findings may offer some indication as to how Israel will adapt its game to the new subterranean Palestinian resistance. Since Israel has not yet developed technology to discern this logic, the Palestinian militants remain one step ahead – for now.

Don Duncan is a freelance reporter. His field work in Lebanon was supported by The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, in Washington D.C. more

Egyptian workers' strike wave spreading

Egypt is still the key country in the region because of its sheers size let alone anything else. The regime is finding it difficult to stop and roll back this wave of unrest as it threatens to take on general strike proportions. Egyptian workers are fighting for bread, democracy and, yes, Palestine.

Hopefully Mubarak's days are numbered if the movement can be sustained and deepened into a political challenge to the regime
. Showing solidarity with the Egyptian working class is a key front to fight in the battle to strengthen solidarity with Palestine.

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Incredible days for the working class in Egypt.. Helwan Telephone Equipment workers are on strike. Mansoura-Spain textile workers are also in a rising strike. Ghazl Shbeen Strikers score victory.

Aluminum Workers Starts A hunger Strike عمال الألمونيوم يبدأون إضرابا عن الطعام

After five days of work strike, the Aluminum workers in Ismailia announced that they will start a hunger strike starting from tomorrow till their demands achieved.
بعد خمسة أيام من الإضراب عن العمل أعلن عمال الألمونيوم أنهم سيبدأون إضرابا عن الطعام اعتبارا من الغد حتي يتم تحقيق مطالبهم

Update 21/3: The Aluminum workers suspended their strike after achieving their demands

Benha Technology institution on a stay-in strike طلاب معهد بنها للتكنولوجيا معتصمون

Struggle arises النضال يتصاعد

The struggle arises! Pharmacists in an open strike and teachers establish their independent union

6 April Youth movements calls for general strike

April 6 Youth Movement
Our generation has the right to try .. Either we succeed .. Or offer an experience to benefit other generations
Youth April 6
Youth who love Egypt

We are a group of Egyptian youth brought together for the love of Egypt and the desire for reform .. Although the vast majority of us do not belong to any political trend or linked to politics , however, we are determined to complete the road, we believe we can continue from where others stopped.. We are convinced of our ability and our right to change this sad reality .. We have agreed on the patriotism and sacrifice for it and the desire to reform this nation, we started on, April 6 2007 this historic day in the lives of Egyptians and Egyptian political movements, as we have with some parties and political forces called for a general strike that day to protest against the deteriorating living conditions, and we had to call for the strike by all means, including the popular Facebook site, and there was a great response to the strike, where most students did not go to schools and universities that day, and most employees from different govermental sectors did not go to work, and the streets were almost empty all over the country, but the largest response to the strike was in the town of Mahalla , where Mahalla inhabitants stood against the blind stick of security ,as people took place in the mass protests ,faced the security and their tear gas and bullets, injuring dozens and killing three people and arresting hundreds of Mahalla people, despite the heated situation in the danger area Youth April 6 did not miss sharing Mahalla people their crisis and witnessing the arrogance of the security, and the violence against the people of Mahalla protesters and they also witnessed the destruction of Mahalla by thugs hired by the Security to complete the series of burning and destruction of the town of Mahalla , the castle of Egyptian industry.
Young people went out on April 6 heading towards downtown in Cairo to protest and actually a large number of April 6 youth went out to the streets that day, where some of them got arrested , and some of them continued detention for more than a month, and some were released on the same day.
Despite all that Youth April 6 refuses to surrender or retreat, they decided to complete the journey towards changing the current situation and reform the result of more than a quarter century of corruption and emergencies.
We Youth April 6 movement believe that the change and reforming of Egypt will not happen by claims or petitions,we will achieve it by providing real alternatives and real solutions to find a real alternative for political, economic and social Renaissance in Egypt that provides stability and security of the Egyptian citizen.
And we Youth April 6 movement believe that this will happen only by the move of young people - as they are the real one who will benefit from the change when it happens, as they exceed 60 % of the Egyptian population..
Our youth are the future leaders, and our energy today.
And the cooperation of all political forces to unite and work together to bring about change for the reform of Egypt and get rid of the corruption ,destruction and waste of wealth for more than a quarter of a century.
In the end, we do not call for a new group .. Or a new party, but we call on all Egyptians (individuals - communities - parties - (dedicated in all sectors) to meet at one project: the awakening of the people to stop the unjust oppression of the corruptive gang and the elimination of corruption and despotism.
(Trying to be the conscience of our precious Egypt)

Egypt’s youth

Free Youth

Youth April 6 movement

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Office: Every place in Egypt
Location: Everywhere
Cairo, Egypt

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