Saturday, 28 March 2009

Palestine poster on display in Hyde Park at People First G20 demonstration

French trade unionists on the G20 march

It is now illegal to take pics of police in the UK - so we took some on the G20 demo today

...if the police think it is "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism"

Stop the War and Palestine solidarity marchers on the Put People First G20 demonstration

50,000 strong G20 demo still rolling 3hrs after start

Second half of demo arriving 15:00GMT

Converging for the rally at G20 People First demo

Second bigger wave of march coming into Hyde Park

G20 demo marching down Park Lane

G20 demo arriving at Hyde Park

G20 People First marchers raising their voices against capitalism

G20 demo gathering at Embankment Temple

Spoof edition of the FT on the G20 People First march

Belgian Christian Trade UnionFederation joins the G20 protests in London

Leon Kuhn art on the G20 People First demo

Raising banner for Gaza on G20 demo

G20 Put People First demo assembled at Embankment 10:42am GMT

Israeli plan to kill Turkish prime minister Erdogan

Turkish media revealed on Friday that an email was found on the personal computer of one of the members of the secret Ergenekon organization revealing an Israeli Mossad plan to kill Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to the charges tabled by the Turkish prosecution against the organization, an Israeli journalist sent an email to a number of the organization's operatives accused in the (thwarted) coup attempt against the Erdogan government, informing them that the Israeli Mosaad was prepared to assassinate Erdogan.

Thanks to the Palestine Information Center

Turkish press sources said that the journalist informed the Ergenekon members that they were supporting Mr. Dugo against the "Islamist terrorist" Erdogan, and that he informed them of the Mossad chief Meir Dagan's coordination with Mr. Dugo in this regard. He also said that a Mossad team was awaiting the green light from Mr. Dugo to carry out the mission.

The Turkish sources added that Mr. Dugo, whose name was mentioned in the email, could be Turkish Labor Party head Dugo Prinitchek, who is suspected of leading the secret organization.

A Turkish paper said last month that Israel was striving hard to topple and oust the government of Erdogan because of its support for the Palestinian cause.

A couple of months ago, Erdogan angrily left the Davos conference after he engaged Israeli president Shimon Peres in heated arguments over Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, in which he was not given the chance to refute Peres' lies .

The Turkish organization was discovered in 2007 after Turkish security agencies found a weapons cache in a suburb of Istanbul that led to the arrest of 86 members of the group who were put on trial for planning to oust the elected Turkish government.

Two retired generals led the organization which, according to the Turkish sources, has close contacts with the Israeli intelligence.

US Jewish Community Center to show Caryl Churchill Gaza play

Ari Roth is not surprised that his decision to stage a reading of "Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza" has infuriated some in the Washington Jewish community.

"People have a right to be offended, and I respect those who have read the play and are offended," said Roth, the artistic director of Theater J at the Washington DC Jewish Community Center where the 10-minute play was performed this week. It also will be staged Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in Washington at the Forum Theater.

Roth himself was upset by the script.

However, he has added two pro-Israel plays to the evening as well as a panel discussion as part of an effort to give a broader context to the play. more

This play is not anti-semitic, it is anti-Israel. Read our reviews/comment below: