Wednesday, 1 April 2009

G20 protester dies at hands of police?

The protester who died (above) has still not been named

Talking to eye witnesses from yesterday.protester who died had symtoms related to a head wound.was seen to be hit by truncheon #g20

If this Twitter report is true it is in stark contrast to the media reports that have been parroted the official police version that he just fell unconscious, 'presumably from natural causes' - (Guardian now saying suspected heart attack). Police claim missiles were being thrown so they had to move him beyond the cordon, implying that some how it was protesters that were to blame for his death.

In fact it is the police tactics on the day that are the obvious place where enquiries should begin.

The news of the protesters death was not released until 4 hours after his death.

To add to suspicions the name of the man killed has not been released either.

Protesters who tried to hold a memorial at the Bank of England were brutally moved on by police.

G20 Stop the War protest march 1 April video

Chilling with the Buddhists at the Climate Camp

G20 protests - Battle of Threadneedle Street

Gaza electricity network close to collapse

Israel's collective punishment of people in Gaza is getting worse as the electricity grid nears collapse - but world leaders couldn't care less.
A Palestinian official Wednesday warned that the electricity distribution company in the Gaza Strip will collapse due to lack of equipment and spare parts.

Kan'an Obaid, Hamas deputy director of the Palestinian Power Authority, said "the company is on verge of collapse."

"The company has halted all its projects, including those related to the reconstruction of Gaza Strip, because its warehouses are almost empty," he said.


Live video feed of G20 protests 1 April London

Gordon Brown at the Bishopsgate Climate Camp

G20 - the socialist revolution starts here

G20 protest at the Bank of England

Police march in to set up cordon on Wormwood St

Police armoured vehicle at Threadneedle Street roadblock

G20 protests - all quiet on Bishopsgate except for police 9:45am

G20 racist police in action - pic

This man doesnt strike me as a member of the Black Bloc. But then again he is 'muslim looking'. I guess they'll be searching Obama next, after all his middle name is Hussein.

I saw another person being searched at the same time, also Asian in appearance. It is illegal to take pics of cops if they think you might be involved in the commissioning of a terror attack so you have to be a bit careful photographing police going about their dirty business.

Netanyahu dismisses Palestinian statehood and threatens Iran

Netanyahu told the Israeli parliament today that his new government wants peace with Palestinians but he pointedly didn't mention a Palestinian state, so he doesn''t really want peace but subjugation.

In case anyone missed the real meaning of his statement, Israeli troops arrested and detained Raja'a Al-Ghoul a lawyer at the Al-Ahrar Center for Prisoners' Studies in charge of the file of female Palestinian prisoners. Israel has promised to harshen the regime for Palestinian prisoners as a way of trying to force a prisoner exchange on their terms.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has told US magazine The Atlantic that unless the US deals with Iran, Israel will do the job itself
Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran — Or I Will
In an interview conducted shortly before he was sworn in today as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu laid down a challenge for Barack Obama. The American president, he said, must stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons—and quickly—or an imperiled Israel may be forced to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities itself. more