Thursday, 23 April 2009

breaking news: pro-Israel groups kicked out of UN's Durban 2 anti-racism conference

Two Zionist groups responsible for disrupting Iranian President Ahmadinejad's speech at the UN's Durban II racism gathering in Geneva, the French Union of Jewish Students and Coexist, have been kicked out of the conference. A government backed Iranian organisation, Neda Institute for Political and Scientific Research, has also been banned for circulating 'inflammatory material', although the nature of the material has not been elaborated upon by the UN authorities.

Western hypocrites in UN walkout after Ahmadinejad says Israel is 'totally racist'

Shame on Obama and Israel for wrecking UN's Durban 2 anti-racism initiative

update: Viva Palestina public meetings and events

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, 24/04/2009

Rochdale, 26/04/2009



6.45pm ( NOTE – early start time) Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Easton BRISTOL BS5 6AW

Public meeting to hear personal testimonies from the two Bristol people who drove to Gaza earlier this year.

Slides, videos, stalls etc.


A flyer for the meeting can be downloaded from HERE

Bolton - 7th May 2009

Remember Gaza
Bolton Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Public meeting with-
Bolton member of Viva Palestina convoy
Norma Turner - visited Gaza as PSC rep in March
Steven Downey - PSC activist visited Gaza in March

Speakers will present eye witness accounts of their visits to Gaza

7.30pm Thursday 7 th May
The Friend's Meeting House
50 Silverwell Street
Bolton BL1 1PP

All welcome

Birmingham, 10/05/2009

Download poster here (pdf)
Download event format here (pdf)
Download event rules here (pdf)
Download application form here (pdf)

Birmingham, 10/05/2009

As-Suffa Institute invites you to: Gaza through our eyes
The journey, the experience, the saga

Date: Sunday 10th May 2009
Time: 6:45pm (After Asr Salah)
Speakers: Shaykh Zahir Mahmood & George Galloway
Venue: Sparkbrook Islamic Centre,179-187 Anderton Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B11 1ND

Free admission. Limited Capacity
Sisters are welcome to attend the talk

For more information visit:

Thanks to Viva Palestina

Frightened Mubarak threatens Iran and Hezbollah

The Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt claims there was a plot by Hezbollah to bomb sites in Egypt. It is a fantastical claim whose real purpose is to provide an excuse for the regime to help the US and Israel to curtail Iranian influence in the region and to prevent the infectious example of Hezbollah, as the only Arab force to have defeated Israel, from further undermining its already battered credibility at home.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday warned the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, and its suspected allies Iran, that he would not tolerate "the intervention of regional powers that are hostile to peace and that aim to drag the region into the abyss."

Speaking out for the first time since Egyptian authorities announced two weeks ago the arrest of 49 Hezbollah agents on suspicion of carrying out hostile operations.

From Haaretz

video - Bait Saafa demolition in Jerusalem as Zionist ethnic cleansing continues

On March 17, 2009, the Israeli authorities demolished a portion of a house in the Bait Safafa neighborhood of Jerusalem. The Arab residents were outraged when the house where they had been living for the past seven years was destroyed without any prior notice.

It is part of an ongoing campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from east Jerusalem, involving the destruction of the homes of 1,500 Palestinian residents.

See also, Isabel Nicholson's story on Israel's plans to clear Silwan district supposedly to make way for a park.
Yesterday, 21 April 2009, local and international activists, including Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire called a press conference to bring media attention to Israeli settler forces that threaten the homes of 1,500 people in the al-Bustan neighborhood of Silwan in East Jerusalem.

Thanks to the Palestinian-Israeli Alternative Information Center

BBC Trust's Israel-inspired attacks on Jeremy Bowen try to hide the truth

Defend BBC’s Jeremy Bowen from Zionist lobby

By Media Workers Against the War

BBC senior management is on the offensive over Gaza. Stung by the widespread criticism of its refusal to broadcast the DEC Gaza aid appeal in January, it has singled out its key Middle East editor and is trying to bully him into silence.

The BBC Trust’s preposterous attack on Jeremy Bowen last week is a crude attempt to push back the wave of protest inside the BBC over the DEC appeal decision. If Bowen is slapped down, they calculate that no other BBC journalist will dare to speak out.

The Trust’s report itself has been massively spun by the right-wing press - in no way is it a demolition of Bowen’s journalism, let alone proof that he is in any way biased against Israel.

We call on all our supporters to urgently:

Maybe the pro-Israel wants the BBC to stop reporting on things like the destruction of World War One war graves in Gaza by Israel:

From the BBC - If you live in the UK you can watch the report online on BBC iPlayer
Few people know that thousands of Commonwealth war graves lie in the battlegrounds of the Gaza strip. BBC reporter Mark Urban's great uncle is buried there and he has made a personal pilgramage.

During the recent campaign, the main Gaza War Cemetery suffered extensive damage as Israeli troops and Hamas militants fought nearby.

Now the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is seeking compensation from Israel, the BBC has learned.

The organisation estimates the cost of repairing or replacing the 363 headstones damaged by recent Israeli shelling at £95,000.

Scottish TUC vote to boycott Israel boosts BDS movement

Scottish TUC commits decisively for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions

Thanks to Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign - Wednesday, 22 April 2009 22:41

Scotland today joined Ireland and South Africa when the Scottish Trade Union Congress, representing every Scottish trade union, voted overwhelmingly to commit to boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. This is the third example of a national trade union federation committing to BDS and is a clear indication that, while Israel can kill Palestinians with impunity and Western support, it has lost the battle for world public opinion. It is now seen to be a state born out of ethnic cleansing and still expanding through the violent dispossession of the Palestinian people.

Speaker after speaker expressed intense anger at Israel’s butchery of 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza over the New Year, as well as the much longer history of Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The vote followed a visit to Israel/Palestine by an STUC Delegation in March which heard from a wide range of trade union and other bodies and returned with a unanimous recommendation that the parent body adopt BDS.

The STUC move to a position of BDS followed debate on the Delegation report with affiliated unions as well as consultations across Scotland. There were written and oral submissions from Zionist as well as human rights bodies.

The commitment to BDS was made despite aggressive lobbying by Zionist groups, including an absurd warning that a commitment to active support for Palestinian human rights would lead to attacks on Scottish Jews, and the parachuting into Scotland of the Histadrut’s Head of Communications from Israel.

The STUC’s new position is a dramatic breakthrough which has the potential to greatly accelerate the boycott campaign already underway in Scotland against, for example, Israeli companies and sporting or cultural visits. The Scottish Government earlier in the year yielded to public concerns and cancelled a trade delegation to Israel.

It will also make easier the task of building a mass boycott campaign across the land surface of Scotland, in every town and small community, in every supermarket and every sporting and cultural event.

Israel’s New Year mountain of corpses in Gaza, together with its frequent murder of unarmed civilians across Palestine was only the latest in a long series of Israeli massacres. We may be unable to stop the next one, but our job of building the sort of mass BDS campaign that can confront Israeli violence with a countervailing force has just become easier. An aroused world opinion is increasingly ready to ensure that all don’t die in vain.

We can only offer hope to the hard-pressed Palestinians that their freedom is coming, however long Israel and its allies work to delay it.

View the STUC General Council Recommendation on BDS passed at Congress today in Perth.

The significant paragraphs are:

6.1 The General Council is recommending that Congress should take a position of:

  • supporting boycotts and disinvestments against lsrael,
  • calling for sanctions against lsrael,
  • encouraging positive investments in the occupied territories.

6.6 The STUC acknowledges its relationship with both PGFTU and Histadrut and supports the development of a constructive dialogue between them. The STUC will explain its position on BDS to Histadrut, and will, over the next 12 months, raise with them Histadrut positions in relation to Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The STUC will review its relationship with Histadrut in this context.

Breaking news: IDF war criminals find themselves not guily

Surprise surprise Israeli inquiry finds that the IDF did not break international law with its barbarism in Gaza that killed 1,400 people.

A picture speaks volumes. Above a body melted ina white phosphorus attack and below white phosphorus attack on a UN school.

And the arrogant, racist and criminal Israeli soldiers even went to the bother of documenting and celebrating their crimes:

Latest news: Carlile terror laws review will be a sham

Lord Carlile, who is laughably meant to be the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, is bringing forward his review of the repressive war on terror laws introduced by this rotten government. It follows the succession of terror raids, which only yesterday Gaza Solidarity called for an inquiry into, that have led to no one being charged.

The raids are so obviously political and have nothing to do with 'terror plots' that our rulers thought they had better respond to the way in which habeas corpus has been ripped up - unless you think all Muslim students are potential terrorists as well as climate camp protesters 'from some of the best universities and schools in the country'.

This 'independent inquiry' will be about as independent as the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Fight the system on the streets, not in that talking shop called parliament where they all get fat on our taxes.

Breaking news: Clare Short right to extend hand to Hamas


David Stringer
Hamas leader's video-link adress to British lawmakers fails
(AP) Antiwar, April 22, 2009

One time Labour MP for Ladywood constituency in Birmingham, Clare Short, who now sits as an Independent, is to be applauded for the invitation to Hamas leader
Khaled Mashaal to speak by video link to parliamentarians and others.

It has got the pro-Israel lobby up in arms. Well done Clare for inviting the democratic representatives of the Palestinian people to speak today by video link.

Guardian photography is usually pretty good which is why we can't help but think that the pic on the site today has been selected precisely because of its red eye.

Support the European Campaign to recognise Hamas

First signatories include

Jose Saramago (writer, Portugal)
Mairead Maguire (Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Ireland)
Danny Morrison (writer, Ireland)
Ronnie Kasrils (former South African minister)
Giulietto Chiesa (European MP, Italy)
Lucio Manisco (former European MP)
Gianni Vattimo (philosopher and former European MP)
Domenico Losurdo (director of the institute for philosophy, University Urbino, Italy)
Augusto Boal (theatre director, Brazil)
Gretta Duisenberg (chair Foundation Stop the Occupation, Netherlands)
François Houtart (professor emeritus Catholic University Louvain, Belgium)
Tariq Ramadan (professor, Oxford/Erasmus Universities)
Tariq Ali (writer, film-maker and editor of New Left Review, Britain)
Jan Myrdal (writer, Sweden)
James Petras (Bartle professor emeritus Binghamton University, USA)
Franco Cavalli (oncologist and president of the International Union of Cancer (IUCC), Switzerland)
Daniel Vischer (MP of the Green Party, Switzerland)
Alima Boumediene Thiery (senator, France)

From the Guardian:

Clare Short

Clare Short: invited Hamas leader to a video link-up in Portcullis House. Photograph: Murdo Macleod

Israel accused former Labour Cabinet minister Clare Short of undermining the Middle East peace process today after she invited the political leader of Hamas to address a meeting in Parliament.

Khaled Mashaal is due to address MPs and peers tonight by video link from Damascus at the event organised by Ms Short, now a independent MP, and Liberal Democrat peer Lord Alderdice.

Clare Short has found support from Labour supporters which is encouraging. This from Labourhome blog:

Clare Short is right to seek dialogue with Hamas