Friday, 24 April 2009

Norway's chief prosecutor studying call for arrest and extradition of Olmert and Livni

Israel's attempts to counter moves in a number of countries towards war crimes prosecutions of Israeli leaders and soldiers is falling flat. As Amnesty commented, Israel's own recent inquiry 'lacks credibility'. Now there's an understatement.

Meanwhile in Norway moves to prosecute Israel's war criminals gather pace...
OSLO, (PIC)-- After the filing on Wednesday of a war crimes case against Israeli leaders by a group of Norwegian lawyers on behalf of people and families affected by the war on Gaza, the chief prosecutor said the complaint will be studied.

"We will follow normal procedure, which means we will look through the complaint to determine whether or not to send it to the police to carry out a formal investigation," Siri Frigaard, chief prosecutor at Norway's National Authority for Prosecution of Organized and Other Serious Crimes, told Reuters on Thursday.

The complaint by Norwegian lawyers has been filed under a law which allows foreigners to be prosecuted in Norway over war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity even when the alleged criminal acts are committed outside the country.

The lawsuit which includes charges of practicing organized terrorism and using internationally banned weapons such as white phosphorus against Gaza people, asks for the arrest and extradition of former Israeli premier Ehud Olmert as well as his foreign affairs minister Tzipi Livni, and war minister Ehud Barak in addition to other senior Israeli military officers.
Thanks to the Palestine Information Center

Breaking news: police caught on tape trying to recruit protesters as spies

Proof of what the police have always done - tried to recruit spies. On this occasion a campaigner from Plane Stupid is being offered cash. The two policemen being recorded admit they have thousands of political informants.

Many will be wondering in regard to the police: is it a case of one rotten apple or is the whole barrel rotten? We await a more transparent response from the police than the following:

In a statement last night, Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton said the force had "a responsibility to gather intelligence" and such operations were conducted according to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa). The force would not comment on the identities of the officers. more

Link to audio below:

G20 European arrests: police demand media keep quiet on raids

Sixty three people have been arrested so far in European-wide raids
connected to the G20 protests.

According to Indymedia the police have asked the mainstream press not
to report on the roundup so as not to jeopadise the success of the
ongoing operation.

The arrests have apparenly been made on the basis of ID information
obtained by UK police using minarure on-person cameras on the 1 and 2
April protests.

Breaking news: Ian Tomlinson head injury picture shows police culpability

Yet more evidence emerged today of the murder of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of the police.

Massive bruising to the head can be seen after his head slammed to the pavement after being batoned and pushed over by a Territorial Support Group policeman, whose name we still do not know. Not sure why Sky News have 'disguised' Ian's face by blanking out the eyes.

The police have sought and been granted a third postmortem on Ian Tomlinson, the findings of which are still not known.

From Sky News
Newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson, who was shoved onto the pavement by a policeman during the G20 protests, suffered a head injury before he died.

Ian Tomlinson

Close-up of the injury to Mr Tomlinson's head

A photograph obtained by Sky News suggests strongly that the injury was the result of the alleged assault by the officer, who has been suspended and questioned on suspicion of manslaughter.

Show your repsects for Ian Tomlinson tonight.

Light Out at 8:30pm for one hour.

Called by the United Campaign Against Police Violence

update: Europe's Hope for Gaza convoy picks up momentum for May departure

The European Campaign to End the Siege in Gaza (ECESG), is busily preparing for the departure of the "Hope For Gaza Convoy" of medical aid tor the Palestinians living in the Strip.

Khaled yousef, representative of the Hope for Gaza Convoy in Sweden, said Arabic and Islamic associations have donated trucks containing wheelchairs and medical equipment for the people of Gaza, in addition to two ambulances.

In the UK, a number of doctors and medical specialists from Birmingham will be joining the convoy to help Palestinians in Gaza. Also, four trucks of urgently needed medication and medical equipment will be going with them. Many activists will join the convoy. UK participants will leave late in April for Italy where the convoy is gathering.

The convoy will see dozens of trucks loaded with medical supplies and equipment for children disabled in the latest Israeli war on Gaza.

“We have had many requests from people to join the convoy from across Europe. People are yearning to visit Gaza to give a helping hand for the crushed besieged people over there. ECESG will give priority for doctors, human rights activists and journalists in the first place. Ramy Abdu, convoy coordinator said

Convoy of vehicles from Sweden heads for Italy from where the fleet will depart

At the official level, around 10 European and British MPs are expected to participate in the convoy. According to Abdu, some more might join in the next few days.

In the meantime, some trucks and vans have already arrived into Italy, Milan from many European countries. The rest would arrive in couple of days as the convoy will move as scheduled early in May from Milan then Alexandria then Gaza.

The initiative follows the highly successful Viva Palestina convoy that delivered £1m worth of aid, as well as cash and 100 vehicles to Gazans in March. Viva Palestina US was launched recently with the intention of raising $10 million for Gaza and sending 500 vehicles

The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza, (ECESG)
100 Crown House, London, UK
NW10 7PN
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8453 0919
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8453 0994

Thanks to the Palestine Telegraph

More on the Hope fleet here

Breaking news: UN says 6,500 Tamils killed in Sri Lanka army onslaught

The UN this morning says nearly 6,500 civilians have been killed in Sri Lanka fighting in past three months - the figure is probably much higher. In the past few days an estimated 100,000 people have got out of the last remaining Tamil controlled enclave and at least 50,000 civilians remain trapped. Aid agencies are dealing with wounds from landmines and shelling.

The Sri Lankan army has rejected pleas from the UN for a 'pause' in its offensive. It claims it is the Tamil Tigers hiding among civlians that's the problem. Sound familiar? The army even claims that the Tamil fighters have been using heavy artillery on their own people in order to blame it on the Sri Lankan army.

The continuing demonstrations, and hunger strike, in central London and Parliament Square need your support.

Tory MP Gerald Howarth claims the Gaza-like slaughter being perpetrated by the Sri Lankan military 'is nothing to do with this house'. In fact nothing could be further from the truth as the UK is a major supply of weaponry to the Sri Lankan army.

Instead of facing up to its responsibilities, Britain and its politicians want to look the other way.

The speaker of the House of Commons has even claimed that Tamil protesters outside parliament have been using children as human shields against the police. Naturally MPs have said nothing about the police brutality that has been dished out over the past weeks and days.

Israel to force Palestinian prisoners to wear Guantanamo-style orange suits

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners on Wednesday strongly denounced the Israeli occupation authority for deciding to impose by force the orange uniform on Palestinian prisoners in Jalbo jail, calling on the prisoners to refuse to wear this uniform and strongly resist such repressive policy.

In a statement received by the PIC, the center underlined that the IOA decision to impose by force the orange uniform comes in the framework of the racist policy pursued by Israel against Palestinian prisoners in its jails.

The center stressed that the orange uniform is appropriate for criminals and not for prisoners of freedom, urging the prisoners to stage protests against prison administrations and to threaten to take escalating steps if the IOA insisted on its decision.

The families of Palestinian prisoners in Jalbo had said Tuesday that their sons in this prison confirmed that the prison administration intends to use force to make them wear the orange uniform as of Thursday.

The prisoners told their families that if they refused to comply with this decision, the prison administration would use repressive means such as storming their cells, confiscating their belongings, isolating leading prisoners, and barring prisoners from going to courts and hospitals without this uniform.

They stressed their refusal to wear this uniform because of the political and humanitarian dimensions it involves which harm their national identity as prisoners of war and freedom.

The prisoners appealed to human rights organizations and the ministry of prisoners to urgently act at the international and regional levels in order to stop the Israeli violations against them.

Thanks tp the Palestine Information Center

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