Sunday, 26 April 2009

Gaza killer drones to be leased from Israel by German army

German army wants them for Afghanistan to join the western sport of
airstrikes on wedding parties.

Breaking news: police blogs, facebook, boast 'good kicking' of G20 protesters

Police cash for protester to spy, coppers boasting of giving the citizens they 'serve' a bloody good kicking, the IPCC investigating 25 complaints of head injuries, and a PC Rob Ward's days in the force numbered (by the way, the first name of a policeman that has found its way into the public domain since the G20 police attacks and the murder of Ian Tomlinson) - the reputation of the police in Britain worsens by the day...
The Met said last night it was attempting to identify the author of the comments, which were left on the Policeman's Blog site following the death of Mr Tomlinson, a newspaper vendor, on 1 April.

The latest inflammatory remarks from serving policemen over the treatment of G20 protesters surfaced after it emerged that PC Rob Ward, 27, had allegedly bragged on Facebook how he was going to "bash some long-haired hippies" at the G20 demonstrations. On Friday, Met commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson responded to rising anti-police sentiment following Mr Tomlinson's death by announcing a new regime of "intrusive supervision" to root out rogue officers.

Meanwhile, the prospect of more Met officers facing criminal investigation for assaulting G20 protesters appears to be increasing, after lawyers revealed they had accumulated evidence indicating that more than 25 people may have sustained head injuries in the protests.

From the Guardian

More on police blogs at Ian Tomlinson updates - latest and breaking news
[update 21 April]

City of London coroner says third postmortem to be carried out on body of Ian Tomlinson at request of police on Wednesday 22 April.

Commissioner Paul Stephenson told MPs today that: "“This was a successful conference, although there have been a few disturbing images that need to be investigated.”

A few 'disturbing images' - what about the killing of an innocent man?
The IPCC is has now received 185 complaints against the police and is investigating 52 incidents according to chairman Nick Hardwick.

Meanwhile, 58% of people questioned by pollsters ICM were opposed to the police use of excessive force, while right wing MP Gerald Howarth bemoans what he sees as the challenge to law and order by Tamils in Parliament Square - the direct result of what he regards as unwarranted criticism of police violence.

Tamils beaten up by cops can be forgiven for not being aware of the new softly softly 'restraint' being shown by the territorial support group bully boys.

The police blogs have been fighting a rearguard action to defend 'outnumbered' police on public order duties. Now that's unusual - cops inflating figures for demos.

They had better hope that when hundreds of thousands of us, as opposed to the 15,000 in the City on 1 April, turn out again for Gaza etc we are forgiving mood if attacked by police.

As a famous and seminal bunch of US rappers by the name of NWA once said: Fuck the Police.

Release Fatima Azzak and her baby from Israeli prison

Following the failure of prisoner swap negotiations Israel's outgoing Olmert government set in motion, as a matter of public record, its intention to make even harsher the prison regime for Palestinians.

This is against all international norms. If a state was going to take such a move it would normally not advertised it, but such is the arrogance of the Israeli state that it paraded this criminality as a sop to the Israeli public, the parents of Shalit, the IDF prisoner of war, and of course to attempt to pressure the resistance.

Casting lead
into the heads of babies achieved nothing. Release all Palestinian prisoners.

Prisoners' center appeals for enabling Palestinian mother to see her kids
[ 25/04/2009 - 05:00 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- The prisoners' center for studies appealed to all institutions concerned with the issue of prisoners to enable a Palestinian mother called Fatima Azzak imprisoned with her one-year child in the Israeli Telmond Hashron prison to see her husband and eight children living in Gaza.

The center also called for pressuring Israel to release her and her little child and to lift restrictions imposed on visits and on sending and receiving letters to and from female prisoners' families

Mohamed Azzak, the husband of the prisoner, told the prisoners' center that his wife was detained two years ago at the pretext of planning to carry out a human bombing operation inside Israel, pointing out that his wife gave birth to their son Yousuf in jail and he was not able to see him till this moment.

The husband added that he and his eight children had not been allowed to see his wife and the new child Yousuf since she was sent to prison.

The imprisoned wife and mother had expressed, during a visit made by the lawyer of the prisoner's club, a yearning to see her eight children and called for raising the issue of Gaza families' visits to their relatives imprisoned in Israeli jails.

She also noted that Gaza female prisoners live in great suffering because of neglecting their issue in light of the prison administrations' refusal to provide the prisoners with their basic needs even if they were sent by their families.

In another context, the Israeli military court on Saturday sentenced MP Mohamed Totah to three years and a half in addition to a two-year suspended sentence on a charge of participating in the Palestinian legislative elections as a Hamas candidate.

The Red Cross office in Tulkarm reported that the Israeli prisons authority decided Saturday to ban family visits to the Palestinian prisoners in the Negev and Ofer prisons as of today until further notice.

Latest news: UK police caught offering cash on tape to recruit protester as spy - how many are targeting innocent Muslims?

Judging by the results being delivered by the counter terrorism spies in the Muslim community we can only conclude that either they are plain stupid or they are used to identify any Muslim person that uses the internet too much, shows an interest in world affairs and has been on a demo.

They don't need spies for that kind of work - all they need are secret police to do round-ups of everyone that fits that profile - that's to say hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the UK, and some internment camps.

As George Galloway pointed out the Stop the War Coalition conference yesterday alienating Muslims is not going to stop terrorism, on the contrary it may makes such acts more likely.

And as for spying on campaign groups, political parties and protesters - don't worry about it. There is an old socialist saying: if we all spat at once we'd drown the bastards. We are many, they are few.

No police spy has ever stopped a revolution.

Link to audio

Video report: Stop the War Coalition conference 25 April London

Press TV report on Saturday's Stop the War Coalition annual conference in London yesterday. Features interviews with Chris Nineham STWC and Dave Crouch from Media Workers Against the War, plus excerpts from speech by George Galloway.

Link to video report:
Hundreds of thousands in London decry British foreign policy

George Galloway speaking at the conference