Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Venezuela opens diplomatic relations with Palestinian Authority

Chavez's moves forward with diplomatic ties to the Palestinian Authority after breaking relations with Israel during the Gaza war. Viva Chavez!

Venezuela on Monday opened diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority just months after leftist President Hugo Chavez broke ties with Israel to protest January attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro and Palestinian Authority Minister of Information and Foreign Affairs Riyad al-Maliki signed agreements creating diplomatic ties and were scheduled to inaugurate a new embassy in Caracas in the afternoon. "The people of Palestine can count on our eternal and permanent solidarity with their just and humane cause," said Maduro. (Reuters)

7/7 trio cleared but who is accountable for persistent targeting of innocent people?

Yet another bogus terror trial ends with no convictions. How much more money are the authorities going to waste on spreading their 'state of fear'?
Three men have been cleared of helping to plan the 7/7 London suicide attacks.

A re-trial jury at Kingston Crown Court found them not guilty of conspiring with the 2005 bombers by organising a reconnaissance mission to London.

Waheed Ali, 25, Sadeer Saleem, 28, and Mohammed Shakil, 32, all from Leeds, admitted knowing the bombers - but denied helping them.
more at the BBC

UN joins Egypt's campaign against Hezbollah

The Daily Star - Lebanon BEIRUT: United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about Hizbullah operations outside Lebanese territories, saying interference in another country's internal affairs constitutes a violation of sovereignty. Egypt announced earlier this month that it had uncovered a plot by 49 men with links to Hizbullah to destabilize the country by carrying out attacks on Egyptian institutions and Israeli tourists.

But Nasrullah has denied Hezbollah had any such plans to unleash terror is Egypt. It is difficult see how such terrorism could possibly benefit Hezbollah. In fact the Lebanese resistance organisation has only ever launched attacks on Israel.

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah does not deny that Hezbollah members have been or are in Egypt.
Nasrallah, while refuting Egypt's terror claims, defended his group's efforts to aid the embattled Palestinian resistance. "If helping our Palestinian brothers - whose land is occupied and who are being besieged, killed, displaced and starved - is a crime, then I officially confess," he declared.

A number of local commentators, meanwhile, question the terrorism charges levelled at Hizbullah by the government.

"Since its advent in the early 1980s, Hizbullah has only attacked Israeli targets on Israeli-occupied territory," said Rashwan, an authority on Islamist groups. "Under questioning, the accused men denied they were planning attacks in Egypt; they even said they were specifically ordered not to target Israeli interests in Sinai.
From the IPS
People in the Arab world are far more likely to listen to Nasrallah, known to be a man of his word, expecially in the military sphere, than to the corrupt dictator Mubarak whose credibility with his own people is pretty close to zero.

Palestinians injured as IDF opens fire near Gaza City

Three Palestinian civilians sustained wounds after the Israeli military opened fire east of Gaza City on Monday at midday.

Local sources report that three civilians sustained moderate wounds when Israeli soldiers at the Al Mintar crossing of the Gaza-Israeli border opened fire at them.

Medical sources announced that the three were moved to a nearby hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, an armed Palestinian group announced on Monday that its fighters clashed with Israeli military forces by the southern Gaza-Israeli border.

The group, Abu Ali Mustafa, a leftist group, said no injures were reported among its fighters.

Thanks to the International Middle East Media Center

Meanwhile settlers opened fire on farmers near Nablus on Monday:
Israeli settlers open fire at farmers near Nablus: youth injured

Hope for Gaza gathers steam with disabled contingent

Free Gaza: “Disabled Europeans join Hope convoy heading to Gaza”
Tuesday April 28, 2009 - 10:20
The Popular Committee Against the Siege (PCAS) announced that a number of disabled Europeans expressed willingness to join the Hope for Gaza Convoy, which will be heading to the Gaza Strip in May of 2009. Full Story

Met Police Authority demo 30 April - stop police violence - defend right to protest

Thursday, 30 April: Lobby of the Metropolitan Police Authority meeting on G20 policing, City Hall. With Jenny Jones, Green Party Assembly Member.

Come and join the protest against the Met's violent policing of the demonstrations and their extensive use of batons, dogs and "kettling".

In particular, come and make your voice heard against the Met's Territorial Support Group (TSG) which supposedly specialises in public order. Ian Tomlinson collapsed and died after being hit and pushed by a TSG officer who has since been questioned on suspicion of manslughter. If we're going to get justice and defend our right to protest we need to keep the pressure up on the Met.

Please bring trade union banners, and forward this information far and wide. A press release will be out soon - please also forward this to all relevant contacts.

Also, please see a message from Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the London Assembly, who will be at the protest, on the Facebook page.

Assemble 9am

Called by UCAPV

PA rejoices prisoner day, its security forces arrest ex-detainees

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- In stark contrast to the events held by the PA in Ramallah to mark the Palestinian prisoner day, the Fatah-affiliated security apparatuses escalated their kidnapping campaigns and harassment against Hamas cadres and other resistance factions in Tulkarem especially those who were released recently from Israeli jails.

The PA security apparatuses also used recently new means to torture their Palestinian prisoners which led many of them to be transferred to hospital for treatment.

These security apparatuses which are supposedly under the command of ex-PA chief Mahmoud Abbas kidnapped in Tulkarem city alone more than 50 Palestinian citizens who had been prisoners in Israeli jail.

One of the most dangerous kinds of torture used by PA security officers is the tying of prisoners' hands to the ceiling for hours while beating them severely in their backs which expose prisoners to the risk of paralysis or heart attacks and if one of those tortured prisoners collapses or faints, he is beaten further and forced to stand straight again.

Any jailer showing sympathy with Palestinian prisoners is tortured too as what happened with one of the PA intelligence jailers called Ali Al-Sharif from Nour Shams refugee camp, who was locked up in a solitary cell, beaten, insulted and charged with treason by his colleagues because he treated some prisoners nicely.

In a related new development, the PA security apparatuses reportedly kidnapped last week 40 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas and three others affiliated with Islamic Jihad. The kidnappings usually take place either after summoning citizens or during raids.

In a statement leaked from Israeli jails, Hamas prisoners on Saturday deplored the PA security apparatuses for escalating their violations and attacks against Hamas cadres and supporters in the West Bank.

The Hamas prisoners said that Abbas's authority should understand that it became blatantly and clearly hostile to its people and biased in favor of the Palestinians' enemy.

They added that the PA security turned into one of Israel's task force operating according to the orders of US officer Keith Dayton.