Sunday, 10 May 2009

Protest against this Eurovision propaganda stunt by Israel

If the Israeli government thinks that having an Israeli and an Arab duet at the Eurovision song contest is going to help to repair their image in the world they are surely more deluded than we thought. Noa and Awad, the two singers, were selected in the middle of the Gaza war to do the propaganda stunt for Israel.
Awad faced calls to pull out of the contest in protest at the onslaught that sources in Gaza say killed more than 1,400 Palestinians in 22 days in December and January. Thirteen Israelis were also killed during the conflict.

"These reactions came because the announcement of our participation in Eurovision came at a very bad time which was the Gaza war," Awad said.

Arab-Israeli artists also signed a petition denouncing "the propaganda operation by the Israeli government" aimed at legitimising discrimination against them. Arabs make up 20 percent of Israel's 7.4-million population. more

Hope convoy picks up speed with 12 European parliamentarians onboard

Gaza – Ma’anTwelve European parliamentarians have joined the “Hope” aid convoy to Gaza, which left the Italian port of Genoa last Sunday, said Hamdi Sha’ath, who heads the Palestinian governmental committee in charge of hosting delegations, on Saturday.

Sha’ath said in a statement released by the committee’s information office that the convoy would include 120 foreign solidarity activists headed by member of Italian senate Fernando Rossi.

Parliamentarians from Britain, Italy, Greece, Scotland, and Switzerland have also joined the aid convoy, which is expected to arrive at Alexandria port in Egypt by mid-May, before heading to Gaza by land.

Hamas denies moves towards ceasefire with Israel

Hamas has deniedthat any ceasefire with Israel is imminent despite Egyptian government attempts to get the resistance to bow to Israeli terms. The last agreed ceasefire was used by Israel to prepare the assault on Gaza that begin in December last year and ended with 1,400 dead Palestinians. How can you negotiate in good faith with such a criminal regime? The resistance will need to see some facts on the ground before there is any ceasefire, although Hamas's Al-Qassam brigades has already made it clear it is not responsible for rocket fire from the Strip since the end of the war. The siege has to be lifted and prisoners released.

GAZA, May 10 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian Islamic Hamas movement said on Sunday there is no imminent ceasefire with Israel in the Gaza Strip.

"There is no lull in the moment," said Mushier al-Massri, a spokesman of Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza territory.

"Any lull will be subjected to the enemy's positive responses to the conditions of the Palestinian resistance powers," al-Massri added. "The ball is now in the Israeli court," he said.

Earlier, Hamas has denied reports that Egypt asked the Palestinian groups to study the possibility of renewing a ceasefire with Israel.

Nearly 11 months ago, Egypt brokered a six-month truce between the Palestinian factions and Israel in which the Jewish state halted its attacks in the Hamas-controlled enclave while the militant group stopped firing rockets at the nearby Israeli communities.

After the lull expired in December last year, Israel waged the toughest offensive against Gaza since 1967, killing more than 1,300 Palestinians and destroying thousands of houses.

After the assault ended in January 2009, Hamas maintained a ceasefire from its side, but less influential factions fired rockets from time to time.

G20 police agent provocateurs reveals criminality of their deadly operation

Liberal Democrat MP Brake accuses police of using agent provocateurs
and is calling for an inquiry. We. claimed the same thing after seeing
the video of plain clothes police marching with uniformed officers, as
revealed in an earlier Guardian report.

The same criminal policehave so far arrested 93 people from the Gaza
demos and over 140 from G20. But if these allegations of plain clothes
pigs throwing bottles and urging others to do likewise is proven then
many charges should be dropped.

United Campaign Against Police Violence demo 23 May. Justice for Ian
Tomlinson - Kettle the police