Thursday, 14 May 2009

Third of TSG riot cops already under investigation before G20 murder

Even before the police rampages on the Gaza and G20 demos and the murder of Ian Tomlinson, a third of the members of the territorial support group riot police had been investigated. The complaints ranged from beating people up to sexual assault:
A third of the Metropolitan police's unit of specially trained riot officers have been investigated for alleged misconduct over the last year, according to figures .

More than 280 officers at the Met's territorial support group (TSG) had complaints made against them by members of the public prior to the controversial policing operation of last month's G20 protests. more

Israel kidnaps mother of wanted resistance fighter

QALQILIA, (PIC)-- Ahrar Center For Prisoners' Studies and Human Rights has denounced the Israeli occupation forces (IOF)' "cowardly and unethical act" of detaining the mother of a wanted Palestinian activist to pressure him into surrendering.

The centre said in a statement that the abduction of 52-year-old Adela Yassin, the mother of the wanted activist Mohammed Yassin, in Qalqilia city on Tuesday was prohibited by all international laws and norms.

Adela is a civilian who should not be kidnapped and held in detention as hostage until her son gives himself up, the center elaborated.

Fuad Al-Khafsh, the director of the centre, said that the IOF troops, ever since their occupation of Palestinian lands, had carried out these acts in a bid to pressure Palestinian fighters.

He recalled that the IOF soldiers had kidnapped the parents of late Yehya Ayyash in addition to kidnapping the wives of Ibrahim Hamed and Jamal Abul Haija.

Khafsh asked human rights groups to expose the IOF human rights violations and to adopt a serious stand against such practices.

Thanks to the Palestinian Information Center

Israel's army forced Palestinians to drink urine

Not content with leaving faeces in Gazan people's fridges the IDF also forced Palestinians to drink urine. This army is made up of the scum of the earth:
The Military Police are investigating allegations that Israel Defense Forces soldiers assaulted, abused and stole from a Palestinian man detained during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip earlier this year. The police are investigating a number of complaints of thefts from Palestinians during the recent war. more