Thursday, 21 May 2009

Full house for Two plays for Gaza at the Hackney Empire tonight

UN's Goldstone to proceed with war crimes investigation despite Israel's objections

The UN is to go ahead with its war crimes investigation with or without the cooperation of Israel. Good, but let's hope something comes of this.
GENEVA (AP) — A U.N. investigation into possible war crimes in Israel and Gaza will go ahead with or without Israel's cooperation, the chief investigator said Wednesday.

Israel regards the probe as "intrinsically flawed" because it was ordered by the U.N. Human Rights Council, which has an anti-Israel track record.

But Richard Goldstone, a veteran prosecutor of war crimes in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, said he wants his team to bring a balanced approach to the January conflict and was upset that Israel has turned a deaf ear to his appeals for cooperation.
"I'm disappointed, and the members of the mission are disappointed, that we've had no positive response from the Israeli government," said Goldstone, a Jew with close ties to Israel.

He said the team wanted to start in Israel, visit the southern part of the country and town of Sderot, which was hit repeatedly by Palestinian rockets, and then enter Gaza "through the front door."

Goldstone says the team will travel to Gaza through Egypt if the Jewish state bars them. more

More Israeli attacks on farmers

Not content with stealing Palestinian land, the Israeli state is determined to drive the people off what land they still have.

ISM Gaza Strip video. Interview in Abou Yousef An Najar Hospital in Rafah with Randa Shalouf, a palestinian woman from the village of Shawka, east of Rafah, injured on the 7th of May by Israeli gunfire in her hand and chest. In the video you can aso see the x-ray photos with the bullet. (with English translation).