Thursday, 11 June 2009

Free Gaza movement launches Right to Read campaign

Picture by Magnus Johansson (ma'an)

The Free Gaza Movement has reacted to the Israeli refusal to allow books to enter the strip by launching a campaign to send books to Gaza. See press release below.

About the Campaign

In partnership with Al-Aqsa University, the Free Gaza Movement (FG) is launching its “Right to Read” campaign which will use the FG boats to deliver textbooks and other educational supplies to universities throughout the occupied Gaza Strip.

This is not a charitable endeavor. Rather it is an act of solidarity and resistance to Israel’s chokehold on Gaza and attempt to deny Palestinians education. According to UNWRA, Israel’s blockade prevents ink, paper and other learning materials from entering into Gaza.

Our first shipment will be sent on FG’s Summer of Hope July voyage to Gaza.

How You Can Help
Our campaign invites individuals to join us at a person-to-person level by contributing one or more books to our shipment as an expression of resistance to the blockade. This effort also allows institutions around the world to support Palestinians’ right to education by donating new and used copies of textbooks to be delivered by the Free Gaza Movement to universities in the Gaza Strip.

You can donate funds to purchase books (and/or help offset shipping costs to Cyprus) or you can send new and used books directly for inclusion on an upcoming voyage.

Also, if you are an academic institution or are connected to one and are willing to give Gaza universities access to your e-library, please let us know.

Sending Funds
Donations for the Right to Read Campaign will be used to purchase books directly and to cover shipping costs for books that are received at Free Gaza sites other than Cyprus. Please designate “Right to Read” in the comment field to ensure that the funds are appropriated to this campaign.

Sending Books
The Right to Read Campaign accepts all new or used books for shipment. To order books, please refer to either the U.S. compiled wish list or the UK compiled wish list from the universities in Gaza.

You may send the books directly to Cyprus or to the Free Gaza collection site nearest to you:

Free Gaza Movement
Digenthios and Avgousta Court
Nigrid Street 6018 Apt. 203
Larnaca, CYPRUS

United States
Free Gaza US Collection Site
PO Box 5772
Rockville, MD 20855

For More Information
For more information regarding the Right to Read Campaign, please contact one of the following coordinators:
Dina Kennedy: dkennedy [at]
Darlene Wallach: darlene [at]

Netanyahu signals intention to launch fresh offensives against people of Gaza

The Netanyahu cabinet apparently discussed easing the siege but the only certain thing that has come out of their meeting is that they are giving the IDF "a free hand" to attack Palestinian resistance fighters.

Forgive my ignorance, but doesn't the IDF already have a free hand to carry out massacres and assassinations?

According to the International Middle East Media Center the cabinet decided to hold Hamas responsible for any deterioration in the security situation, and made it clear Israel was prepared to carry out 'limited' offensives.