Sunday, 14 June 2009

Carter attacks Israel for treating Gazans like 'savages'

Carter calls for Israel to stop treating Gazans like 'savages'. Israel bombed tunnels yesterday and seriously injured four people according to Palestinian medics.

Israel has also imprisoned two Palestinian Journlaists for the crime of reporting from the Israeli side of the border - 'passing secret information to the enemy' - just before the invasion started. Other media outlets reported the same information as that supplied by the imprisoned journalists for Iran's Al-Alam Arabic-language satellite TV channel. Hadir Shaheen 34, and producer Mohammed Sarhan, 26, work for the Ramallah-based PMCC production company, which provides media services for Al-Alam.
Two Arab journalists charged with passing secret information to the enemy by breaking IDF censorship during Operation Cast Lead were sentenced to two months in jail on Sunday at the Jerusalem District Court.

The incident occurred during a broadcast on Iran's Al-Alam Arabic-language satellite TV channel on January 3, the day IDF ground forces entered the Gaza Strip. more