Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Support the Iranian uprising - no to western interference

Iranian theocracy has been shaken to its foundations by the biggest uprising since the revolution of 1979. Again the regime has attacked students in their dormitories in echos of previous clampdowns, and there are varying reports on the death toll.

Whatever the true result of the election, upon witch a recount has been ordered after the authorities had already claimed Ahmadinejad the winner, this people's movement is a blow against the dictatorship of the mullahs. The west should not take any of this as a sign that Iran intends to give up support for Palestine and Hamas or will give up its right to nuclear technology. Both issues have overwhelming support among Iranians, although the official state-orchestrated Palestinian solidarity events are often poorly attended.

But the west, and Obama in particular, may look on at the unfolding events as the first fruits of his new 'openness' to the Muslim world, in the same way they have been doing following the victory of 'pro-western' parties in the recent Lebanese elections. But the US will now be hoping that things don't get too out of hand, as stability is their watchword in the Middle East, despite all their anti-mullah propaganda.

The battle against the theocracy in Iran should be seen as strengthening the fight of the Palestinian resistance. The original 1979 revolution in Iran was not, initially, led by Islamists but by workers and students - this time let's hope that the ordinary people stay at the head of this movement for change.