Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Free Gaza Movement - a call for volunteers

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the fellowship and for the good wishes you have shown us these last days. They have sustained us. As we continuing our groundbreaking work to shatter the Israeli siege of Gaza, we're turning to you, our friends and supporters, for help.

We have a need for volunteers to help us in translations (particularly Arabic and Greek), webwork, research, writing, graphic design and art, and many other areas. If you are interested in volunteering with the Free Gaza Movement, please send us an email to:

Please include your contact information, a brief bio, and where you think you'd best be able to contribute. Please be patient with us as we may not be able to respond to every offer right away.

You are our family. If not for you, none of this would be possible. In the midst of all of the pain and difficulty of this terrible crisis - through each and every one of you, we are truly blessed.


UN holds second round of public hearings in Geneva on Israel's war crimes

UN holds 2nd round of public hearings on Gaza war

TEHRAN (Press TV) - A UN human rights mission investigating possible war crimes in the Gaza Strip has resumed its public hearings with the victims of Israel's deadly offensive.

The two-day session at the UN's human rights headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, which follows a first set of hearings in Gaza nearly 10 days ago, aims at giving a chance to those who were not able to travel to Gaza to present their testimony.

In Gaza, Palestinians who were trapped in the three-week onslaught detailed the gory killing of their relatives to the fact-finding mission one after another.

more at Tehran Times

Freee Gaza deportees vow to return

Israel displays its callousness and inhumanity to the whole world by deporting human rights and aid workers from the Free Gaza Movement ship the Spirit of Humanity.

AN AID worker has vowed to return to Gaza, despite being arrested at gunpoint and deported by the Israeli authorities.
Theresa McDermott, 42, is due to return to Edinburgh today after arriving at Heathrow Airport yesterday.

She was held in prison after the boat she was on, Spirit of Humanity, was seized by the Israeli army off the coast of Gaza a week ago. They were carrying aid, including medical supplies, books and children's toys.

She was one of six British crew members and passengers who were deported from Tel Aviv. They plan to appeal this decision, as they claim their boat was in international waters at the time.
From the Scotsman