Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Council workers sacked for comparing Gaza war crimes with the Holocaust

Under the headline: 'Four council staff sacked over email which compared Holocaust to Israeli occupation of Palestine' the Daily Mail reports on the sacking of four workers for Lancashire COunty Council. Quite how this can be described as 'anti-semitic' is beyond me although I think the comparison with the holocaust is erroneous as there are no extermination camps in Gaza. And this from a newspaper that once upon a time ran the headline 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts'. What a revolting newspaper it continues to be.

It appears the workers did no more than Professor William Robinson at the University of California Santa Barbara, who was the victim of a pro-Israel campaign by two students, after he circulated a similar email - it backfired when the university authority kicked out charges brought against him by two students. And Prof Robinson is Jewish - so in the eyes of the zionist and their supporters he is presumably a 'self-hater'.

Four council workers have been sacked for sending a racist email to colleagues comparing Nazi death camps to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

It is believed those involved brought memory sticks containing the anti-Semitic material in to work to bypass the Lancashire County Council's security system.

Authority bosses deemed the 'highly inappropriate' content to be a sacking offence after a three-month investigation, which saw a total of 14 staff suspended.

Five others received formal written warnings and a further five have since returned to work.

Lancashire County Council where 4 staff were sacked over offensive email

'Inappropriate': Four staff at Lancashire County Council were sacked for sending an email comparing the Holocaust to the Israeli occupation of Palestine

The offensive email was only discovered after one of those involved was off work and a colleague accessed his computer.

Titled 'Holocaust Survivors', it contained pictures of 1930s and 1940s Germany and compared them to modern-day images of the Gaza conflict.

The introduction to the email reads: 'The grandchildren of Holocaust survivors from World War II are doing to the Palestinians exactly what was done to them by Nazi Germany.'

Viva Palestina US in Egypt - British ISM activists refused exit from Strip

At least 100 Americans arrived in Egypt Sunday and made their way up to the Egypt-Gaza border at Rafah with a rumored 1 million US dollars in medical supplies for the besieged Strip.

Less than a week after Israeli occupation naval boats seized and boarded the Free Gaza ship, the Spirit of Humanity, and as activists from half a dozen countries remain in Israeli prison from the first group of activists, the Americans, with the “Viva Palestina” movement, will try to enter the Strip via Rafah.

Following the first British “Viva Palestina” convoy which was allowed into the Strip in early October 2008, the American group - also lead by British MP George Galloway - will attempt to deliver supplies and show solidarity with the closed-off coastal area.
From the Palestine Media Center
Meanwhile, International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activists Jenny Lindell and Natalie Abou Chakra have been prevented from leaving the Strip by the Egyptian regime because of their work with the Free Gaza boats.

Protest now:

The Egyptian Embassy in London
phone 020 7499 3304/2401
Fax: 020 7491 1542

The British Foreign Office
Middle East Desk
Tel: 020 70088784
Email: and

More info here

UK outsources torture - tell us something we didn't know

That Conservative MP Mr Davis has exposed the depth of the collusion in torture that the British government and its agencies have been involved in - and probably still are. Who needs Al Qeada when here in the UK we have a government every bit as bad? They seem to have adopted the motto 'if you can't beat them join them'. Please forget the James Bond image of the romantic sophisticated, civilised hero and think instead of racist torturing thugs from a British public school and you start to get a truer picture of the staff at MI5 and MI6.
The true depth of British involvement in the torture of terrorism suspects overseas and the manner in which that complicity is concealed behind a cloak of courtroom secrecy was laid bare last night when David Davis MP detailed the way in which one counter-terrorism operation led directly to a man suffering brutal mistreatment.

In a dramatic intervention using the protection of parliamentary privilege, the former shadow home secretary revealed how MI5 and Greater Manchester police effectively sub-contracted the torture of Rangzieb Ahmed to a Pakistani intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), whose routine use of torture has been widely documented.

This is the first time that the information has entered the public domain. Previously it has been suppressed through the process of secret court hearings and, had the Guardian or other media organisations reported it, they would have exposed themselves to the risk of prosecution for contempt of court.

Davis told MPs that although sufficient evidence had been gathered to ensure Ahmed could be prosecuted for serious terrorism offences, he was permitted to fly from Manchester to Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, in 2006 while under surveillance. He then detailed the way in which the British authorities:

• Tipped off the ISI that Ahmed was on his way.

• Told the ISI he was a terrorist and suggested that he should be detained.

• Were aware of the methods used by the ISI while questioning terrorism suspects.

• Drew up a list of questions for the ISI to put to Ahmed.

• Questioned him themselves after he had been in ISI custody for around 13 days. more