Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Egypt allows Israeli warships through Suez Canal to threaten Iran

While the Egyptian government is busy blocking aid to its Arab brothers and sisters in Gaza it is only too happy to assist Israel in its war plans against Iran.

Egypt has allowed two Israeli warships to travel through the Suez canal to the Red Sea, the first time such movements have been allowed. We can safely assume that the two warships weren't flying the flag on the Suez leg of their voyage.
Two Israel Navy warships made a rare crossing of Egypt's Suez Canal on Tuesday, heading from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, a port source told AFP, in a voyage that could be seen as a warning signal to Iran.

One of the ships, the Hanit, had reportedly already crossed the canal both ways in June, in what the source was quoted as saying was the first case of a large Israeli warship using the strategic waterway. However, this was not possible to confirm officially.

The other ship to cross on Tuesday, the Eilat, was named after a destroyer sunk by Egypt with the loss of 47 lives shortly after the 1967 Six Day War, the source told AFP. more at Haaretz

UK stops sale of spare parts to Israel's navy but lets everything else through

Good to see the UK stopping the selling of spare parts for the Saar-class corvette missile ships used in the recent criminal bombardment of civilians in the Gaza Strip. The UK only provides about 1% of Israel's needs (US = 95%) but that one percent includes critical elements such as these parts for the navy and engines for its drones.

But the bad news is that the UK approved for export around 150 other pieces of military equipment, highlighting the token nature of the UK gesture against this militarised state that regularly indulges in war crimes to maintain its oppressive occupation of Palestine.

But it does show that the political pressure on Israel is mounting despite Lieberman's bluster and the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign is gaining tractions.

Chavez may be joining convoy to break Gaza siege

The British MP George Galloway is expected to arrive in Gaza by Wednesday leading a convoy of 255 US citizens that are bringing humanitarian aid to the impoverished strip.

The Gaza de facto government’s commission on delegations made known that Galloway’s convoy will try to enter the Strip through the Egyptian border crossing in Rafah. They will arrive to the border crossing on Tuesday evening. Galloway’s last visit to Gaza was in March. During that visit the British lawmaker donated a fleet of ambulances and 25,000 British pounds to the de facto government in Gaza.Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has travelled to Egypt to join Galloway’s convoy. McKinney had just been deported by Israel last week for her presence on the Free Gaza boats, that were sailing to Gaza with hard needed humanitarian aid.

Thanks to the International Middle east Media Center

Press TV reported today on a story at Ma'an agency that George Galloway is organising another convoy to the Strip, this time with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. I can't find confirmation of this report at the Ma'an website at this time or at Viva Palestina, although a date for the next UK convoy has been announced - 4 October 2009.

Venezuela broke off diplomatic relations with Israel when it killed at least 1,400 people in its recent war on Gaza.