Wednesday, 29 July 2009

YouTube comes to the rescue of Israel

The Palestine Telegraph has a copy of a video illustrating graphically the depth of racism and hatred in Israel. The video was originally posted on YouTube (owned by Google, as is Blogger) but has since been removed.
Max Blumenthal and Jesse Rosenfeld interview young Tel Aviv residents about Iran, Obama and right-wing laws limiting the speech rights of their Palestinian-Israeli neighbors. The shocking responses reflect the deepening of racist and authoritarian trends in Israeli society. This is the sequel to "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem," the video banned by YouTube, Vimeo and the Huffington Post after topping 400,000 hits.

You can see a copy of the original here

And see above the sequel to the video - still available on YouTube

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Thousands aim to break siege with new year march

Norman Finkelstein is helping to organise a non-violent march to break the siege on 1 January 2010. Details at links below:

The Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza aims to emulate Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the US Deep South by leveraging the tactic of non-violence, which of course continues to be a tactic employed on the ground by the occupied Palestinian people who usually have no other choice but to offer non-violent resistance.

The key to the success of the Coalition, as in the struggle for Indian national liberation and for civil rights in the US, turns on whether a serious mass mobilisation of tens of thousands comes together. The attitude of the Israeli state will be predictably brutal but the international outcry would further isolate the madmen that run Israel.

International movement to break Gaza siege growing in strength

Suzanne Morrison writing for the Palestine Telegraph assesses the impact of the break the siege initiatives and concludes positively...
Total success of any one group has been difficult, given the immense amount of opposition from the Israeli and Egyptian governments (and the powerful states that support them). Members of each group have suffered in various ways from bureaucratic hurdles, arrest, detention, deportation, etc. as the Egyptian and Israeli states hope to suppress and otherwise intimidate peoples of conscience. While breaking the siege on Gaza requires more than delivering humanitarian aid, collectively the international popular movements represent a very real threat to Israel's closure policy.

The longer the siege lasts, the larger the popular resistance to it appears to become. Over two years after its implementation, the movements to end the siege are larger and stronger than ever before. What is clear by all these acts of popular resistance is that people of the world are prepared to do what states are either unwilling or too inept to do - break the siege on Gaza!

more at the Palestine Telegraph

Suzanne Morrison lived in Gaza in 2005-2006 and is currently a master's candidate at the American University in Cairo. She is completing her thesis on the role of international institutions in Palestinian state formation. She can be reached at:

Israel lashes out at Netherlands for giving financial support to anti-war soldiers

The Netherlands has been criticised by Israel for funding the Breaking the Silence organisation, which recently published testimony by Israeli soldiers alleging war crimes in Gaza.

According to the leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli embassy in The Hague has submitted a formal complaint to the Dutch government about the financing of Breaking the Silence, which recently published a controversial report which alleged that Israeli military personnel had committed war crimes during the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Following the release of that report, the names of the organisation's financial backers, including the British and Dutch embassies in Israel, were made public in various Israeli media.

NRC Handelsblad

UK Soldier faces court martial for refusing to return to Afghanistan

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton has become the first serving
British soldier to speak out publicly against the Afghan war.
Joe faces court martial and a possible two-year prison term
after going on the run rather than return to Afghanistan.

Joe says he gradually became aware that justifications for
occupying Afghanistan were ringing hollow. "The Afghan people
were attacking us, even though our politicians said we were
going in to help them. It came as a real shock"

"That's when I became aware that there was something seriously
wrong with the war," he says.

Joe will attend a court martial hearing next Monday We are
asking all our supporters to send messages of complaint, for
forwarding to the Ministry of Defence, to

Watch Joe's speech at the Stop the War meeting here:

British MPs call for immediate lifting of siege

The European campaign for ending the siege welcomed Monday the report issued by the committee on foreign relations in the British House of Commons which condemned Israel for its persistence in imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip and not allowing in humanitarian aid.

The Brussels-based campaign said that this British parliamentary report is an important step in the right direction, but urgent action is needed to lift the siege on Gaza.

The campaign also hailed the House of Commons for demanding in its report that the European Union links the improvement of its relations with Israel to the latter’s policies towards the Palestinians and its decision to ask openly whether Israel committed war crimes in Gaza.

It also called on the British government to respond positively to the report through moving actively to end the Israeli siege.

The European campaign for ending the siege had earlier warned that the continued blockade on Gaza is leading to a rising death toll for the imprisoned population.

Thanks to the Palestine Information Center