Thursday, 6 August 2009

Abbas leadership accused of embezzeling millions

TUNIS, (PIC)-- The veteran Fatah leader Farouk Al-Qaddomi has sharply criticized Abbas and his associates and their children on Tuesday, and accused them of enriching themselves, and of collecting millions of dollars at the back and in the name of the Palestinian people.

"Have you ever read in history about "rich" revolutionary leaders and their sons possessing millions of US dollars and British Pounds?", Qaddomi said in a statement he issued from his headquarters in Tunisia, and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

"When brother Yasser Arafat died, resistance waned and the Palestinian Authority claimed that the second Palestinian intifada brought disorder and destruction to the West Bank and spoiled the atmosphere for peace negotiations," he said pointing out that the PA fought all forms of resistance in the West Bank, relied on negotiations and reinforced its coordination and cooperation with the Zionist occupation security authorities.

He expressed astonishment that while the PA leadership in Ramallah criminalized resistance against occupation they have installed American general Keith Dayton ruler of the West. He condemned the role played by Dayton in training young Palestinian men to pursue Palestinian resistance activists and confiscate their weapons in the name of security.

He described the situation in the West Bank as difficult saying that the number of roadblocks has increased to reach 669 causing a severe recession of the economy and raising unemployment to 87%.

He also pointed out that Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Jerusalem has increased, increasing with it the areas of land confiscated from Palestinian people.

He stressed that PA leaders in Ramallah were embroiled in financial corruption at the expense of the Palestinian people and mockingly said that a "cockroach in Fatah" embezzled more than a hundred million dollars and questioned: "have you ever heard of leader of a revolution, who negotiates with the occupier of his country and roams the world freely aboard his private jet, protected by his special guards [..] have you ever heard of officials who collect taxes and customs into their personal accounts. Have you ever heard of a revolution that threatens to cut off salaries of its activists unless they disobey other leaders or they spy on them?"

He added that thousands of experienced cadres were discharged and forced into retirement to be replaced by young inexperienced men.

He also mocked the sixth congress of Fatah asking: "Don't PA leaders feel that the march of Jewish settlements and Jewish settlers is getting close to their conference which is being held in the lap of occupation?"

Another 13 Jersualemites issued with demolition orders

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has distributed demolition orders to 13 Jerusalemite families in five suburbs in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday, Palestinian sources in the city reported.

They said that the IOA-controlled municipality of the holy city claimed in the notifications that the 13 houses were built without permits.

The sources pointed out that the campaign did not stop and that each day more homes are informed of similar destruction notices.

Issam Juwaihan, member of the Jerusalemite committee of the international Quds institution, told Quds Press news agency that the campaign covered all suburbs in the occupied city with special concentration on Aisawiye, Sha'fat and Beit Safafa.

He said that the IOA was totally indifferent about local and international calls to stop its racial cleansing policy in the city against the Palestinian inhabitants.

Threats to the citizens' and their property and holy shrines are very serious, which necessitate a real Arab, Islamic, and international intervention to curb such growing practices, Juwaihan concluded.

Meanwhile, in Salfit, citizens reported that armed Jewish settlers, escorted by army troops, were every now and then touring a tourist attraction west of Salfit apparently in preparation for expropriating it.

They noted that IOA bulldozers had leveled the land near the site and built factories, expecting that more such bulldozing would take place.