Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Cleric's misguided attack on UN Holocaust teaching lets Zionist racism go unchallenged

A Hamas-aligned cleric is reported (see the New York Times) to have claimed that attempts by the UN Releif and Works Agency to introduce the teaching of the Holocaust int o gaza schools amounts to 'marketing a lie' are to be condemned. The anger is misdirected.

All people should be taught about the barbarity of so called European civilisation. What should be condemned instead is the complete lack of teaching in Israeli schools of anything to do with historic Palestine and the people that lived there prior to the catastrophe that was 1948. Indeed there is a constant refrain of anti-Arab racism that is encouraged by the state and goes largely unchallenged in civil society.

Also, there is no accurate teaching of the experiences of Jewish people in the Middle East, other than a distorted picture of relentless anti-semitism that hides a rich tradition in which Arab and Jews were able to live side by side for generations.

When Palestinian are dying virtually on a daily basis at the hands of their Israeli oppressors you can understand why they might not see it as a priority to show empathy with those they might see as responsible for their current suffering. But it is not Jewish people as a whole that are to blame but rather the Zionist occupiers that claim to speak in their name.

Today the ethnic cleansers are not in Germany but in the settler state called Israel and it is they that shame the memory of the Holocaust and those that perished.

Hamas denies prisoner swap deal is near

Despite the news of movement on the prisoner exchange front, Hamas says there is no indication on the ground that Israel has diluted its intransigence on freeing Hamas leaders.

Reports surfaced last week that Germany was playing the role of intermediary in order to facilitate a deal with the Guardian among others, notably German news magazine Der Spiegel, claiming a deal might be near.

According to the Jerusalem Post Hamas has warned of the 'excessive optimism' being expressed in the international media. Khaled Mashaal, Hamas leader in exile in Syria, is due to travel to Cairo later this week for more talks on the prisoner swap, and presumably on the stalled national reconciliation talks Egypt has been trying to restart.

al-Quds day protest for Palestine September 13 1.30pm Marble Arch London

Annual March and Rally in support of the Palestinians and all oppressed peoples of the World.

- September 13th, 1:30pm at Marble Arch, the moving to Trafalgar Square for rally with Yvonne Ridley, Rabbi Ahron Cohen, Shaikh M.S. Bahmanpour, Taji Mustapha & more

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Women prisoners protest over ban on visits from children and unfit food

NABLUS, (PIC)-- Ex-detainee Sabrin Abu Amara, recently released from Hasharon prison, said that female prisoners in the jail are living in harsh incarceration conditions in the holy month of Ramadan.

Abu Amara told the prisoners’ center for studies that the tension between the prisoners and the prison administration in Hasharon escalated after they prevented jailers from conducting a search in their section last week.

She added that the prison administration banned prison visits during Ramadan especially for Hamas female prisoners who were not allowed to see their children and families.

The ex-detainee also noted that there is no schedule for providing food during the month of Ramadan, adding that the food served is very poor and is not fit to eat.

With regard to the 19-month-old child Yousuf Al-Zak, the ex-detainee said that the prison administration allowed the child and his mother Fatima to stay all day in the corridor outside the cell.

Abu Amara had spent six consecutive years in prison and was released last week from Hasharon jail.

In another related context, the Palestinian Prisoners' Society said on Sunday that female prisoner Najwa Abdelghani from the village of Saida in Tulkarem disclosed serious violations committed by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) during her detention.

According to the club, prisoner Abdelghani revealed that the IOF troops stormed her home on 21/7/2009 in Saida and forced her family out in a barbaric way before kidnapping her along with her brother.

She was then taken to Al-Sharon prison and locked her up with Israeli convicts in one cell for two days before transferring her to Jalama prison for 14 days.

She said that in Jalama prison, she was exposed to intensive interrogation amid curses and yells by different Israeli officers and everyday passed was worse than the earlier one which made her eventually ill and emaciated from lack of eating and sleeping hours.

After 14 days, the prisoner was transferred in chains to the prison of Damon near Jalama, according the club.

In another context, the forum of Palestinian journalists strongly denounced Israel for kidnapping more journalists and called on the Arab and international media and human rights organizations to seriously and urgently intervene to get them released.

The IOF troops kidnapped at dawn Saturday journalists Mohamed Mona and Gofran Zamel after storming their homes in Nablus.

The forum said that those journalists are added to others previously detained in Israeli jails.

Gaza children hope for justice through the International Criminal Court

THE HAGUE — A 15-year-old Palestinian girl who says Israeli troops killed her father and two siblings in Gaza in January, sought justice from the International Criminal Court on Monday.

"I am here to lodge a complaint against the occupying army," Amira Alqerem told journalists in The Hague, seven months after her family was killed in an early-morning assault in the Tal Al Hawa neighbourhood that also left her severely injured.

"I hope this complaint will succeed because it is the truth," the soft-spoken teenager said, seated next to her lawyer on his way to the ICC to file the complaint with the office of the prosecutor.

In her court filing, Alqerem says her 67-year-old father Fathi, 16-year-old-sister Ismat, and 14-year-old brother Ala, were killed by Israeli army fire in the early hours of January 14.

The three children were awoken by an explosion to find their father's body, covered in blood, next to a crater near their house, the document claims.

Ismat and Ala went off to seek help, but were killed in another explosion. Amira, who had stayed behind with her dead father, was hit in the right leg.

"This was a crime against humanity, that is why we brought it to the ICC," said her lawyer Gilles Devers, who claims the attacks were aimed at civilians.

"Israeli politicians and military leaders must be held responsible."