Thursday, 1 October 2009

Israel bombs as it waits for Hamas's Shalit video

Just in case we thought Israel was going soft with the promised release of 20 Palestinian women from it dungeons, they launch more air raids on the lifeline provided by the tunnels. The video proving that Israeli prisoner-of-war Shalit is being released on Friday.
GAZA CITY — Israeli warplanes bombed smuggling tunnels in southern Gaza overnight after a rocket was fired from the Hamas-run territory, but neither attack caused injuries, officials and medics said on Thursday.

The air raid struck two tunnels on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, the Israeli army said. Palestinian medics reported no casualties.

Late on Wednesday, militants in Gaza fired a rocket into Israel, with the projectile causing no injuries or damage.

And near the Kissufim crossing in the south, Palestinian gunmen fired mortars into Israel and the army responded with tank fire, again with no casualties, medics said.

It marked the latest violence along Gaza's border, which has been mostly quiet since a war that Israel launched on Hamas in Gaza on December 27 in response to rocket fire ended with mutual ceasefires on January 18.

The ceasefire has largely held despite violations by both sides, but the past few weeks have seen an increase in both rocket fire and Israeli strikes.