Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Abbas losing support as rage over Goldstone report grows

Abbas in his desperation to get into bed with the Israelis and Americans is now in danger of seeing his base of support narrow sharply - which of course is somewhat counter-productive on his part because no one wants to negotiate with someone who has neither the respect nor the support of the majority of Palestinians. Abbas own up - how much are the Zionists and their US backers paying you?
RAMALLAH, West Bank — A controversial decision not to press a vote on a UN report on the Gaza war has angered many Palestinians and weakened president Mahmud Abbas amid US-backed peace efforts, observers say.

The Palestinians agreed to delay a vote on the damning report at the UN Human Rights Council on Friday after reportedly coming under pressure to do so by the United States and Israel, who said it would sink efforts to relaunch peace talks.

But the decision to support delaying consideration of the report -- which accused Israel and Palestinian militants of war crimes -- has unleashed a tide of anger that will ramp up pressure on Abbas ahead of any talks, observers say.

"Ironically, (Abbas) is probably in a much better position to deal with the Israelis and the United States because of what he did," Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab, a former Princeton University professor, told AFP.

"The problem is that he is losing his standing in front of his own people... He will be under extreme pressure now to produce tangible results in the negotiations."