Monday, 12 October 2009

Netanyahu accuses Goldstone of encouraging terror as 88 refuse IDF service

Victory to the resistance!

Netanyahu really is evil. He told his parliament today that the Goldstone report encourages terrorism. Unbelievable. And then, almost in the same breath, he pleads with people in the Arab world not to believe reports that Israel is tunnelling under the al-Aqsa mosque. This man is surely deranged if he thinks anyone, let alone Arabs and Muslims, is going to believe a single word he says. Netanyahu says Israel went to war against the 'war criminals in hamas'. Let us repeat an oft quoted fact: 1,400 palestinian dead, overwhelmingly civilians against 13 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

And the criminality oof the Israeli army has led to 88 high schools graduates signing a letter refusing to serve in the IDF.
"We hereby announce our refusal to take part in the military apparatus," read the letter which was signed by 88 youths. "We do not see a military solution as the proper solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"We are not evading the duty to contribute to society and we are not breaking Israeli law, but rather it is our war for human rights which is an act of preserving Israel's democratic character," the high school seniors wrote.

The four youths who presented the letter to the press said they intend to refuse military conscription and that they are ready to serve time in military prison.


Hamas slams Abbas speech, says endangers national reconciliation

From Al Bawaba
Hamas and Islamic Jihad said that the speech made by PA ceif Mahmoud Abbas Sunday night was full of "contradictory and incorrect information" and was an attempt by him to evade his direct responsibility for the "crime" he committed against Goldstone’s report. In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said that Abbas’ comments do not serve the atmosphere of reconciliation, noting that the Palestinian people were expecting an apology from him for his position against Goldstone’s report on the recent Gaza war.

Settlers set fire to Palestinian fields and olive groves

These settlers, like all colonialists, are the scum of the Earth.
JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli settlers on Sunday set Palestinian fields and olive groves on fire after their illegal outpost in the West Bank was dismantled, Israeli military sources told CNN.

Israeli authorities arrested 13 settlers who refused orders to evacuate the Mitzpe Ami outpost near the West Bank settlement of Kedumim, an army spokesman said.

Turkey ending military cooperation with Israel as exercise cancelled

The strategic defeat of Israel following its war on the people of Gaza is underlined this morning with news of Turkey refusing to allow Israel to overfly its airspace to participate in a NATO exercise. The Israeli leadership is very worried that their links with Turkey are being shredded.
Turkey's foreign minister publicly acknowledged for the first time on Monday that his country excluded Israel from a joint military exercise last week because of its criticism of Israel's winter offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

"We hope that the situation in Gaza will be improved, that the situation will be back to the diplomatic track," the Turkish foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, told CNN in response to a question on why Turkey excluded Israel from the drill.

"And that will create a new atmosphere in Turkish-Israeli relations as well," he added. "But in the existing situation, of course, we are criticizing this approach, [the] Israeli approach."

Earlier, the Turkish foreign ministry said "a technical matter," not politics, prompted the delay of the drill, CNN reported.

The international aerial exercise, which was to include the IAF and aircraft and pilots from NATO, was due to be based at an air base in the central Anatolian city of Konya.

Officials at the Foreign Ministry called an emergency meeting Sunday to discuss the crisis between Israel and Turkey, marked by the cancellation.

A senior source at the ministry told Haaretz about concerns that strategic ties with Turkey are in jeopardy after Operation Lead Cast in the Gaza Strip earlier this year.
Whether Turkey finally ends its military coopeartion with Israel will depend on the pressure mounted by Turkish people on the streets.

According to the Times the exercise involved bombing runs in air space near the Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi borders - a rather obvious attempt to intimidate Iran. Because Israel was barred from the exercise it has now been cancelled at the request of the US. They'll have to go and plan/practise their war someplace else.

Abbas tries to find his backbone after Goldstone debacle

Abbas is doing his best to make amends for his craven support of Israel/US blocking tactics on Goldstone. So now Abbas tells us it was just being delayed to garner more support - which is what was said by his allies when the news first broke. In fact abbas tried to blame 'other countries' on the council for the delay but did not name the countries. Not very convincing performance by Abbas. He has now completed his u-turn by demanding that the UN Human Rights Council bring forward discussion of the report and a vote be taken to back it.

Abbas is now clearly trying to repair the damage by hoping to appear a bit more like a Palestinian leader than the lapdog of Netanyahu. So with this in mind Abbas declares that there can be no peace as long as Jerusalem is occupied. While we can all applaud such sentiment it is hard to take him seriously given that he recently refused to hold a summit of Arab leaders to organise the defence of the al-Aqsa mosque.

Despite Abbas's attempted sabotage the Goldstone the is implications of the report are still reverberating around the world.

The UK ambassador to the UN says the he supports the report, according to Haaretz.
Israeli officials on Sunday criticized the British Ambassador to the United Nations John Sawers for backing a controversial United Nations report into Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza last winter, saying that such support could backfire when Britain tries to conduct its own war on terror.
Israel seems to forget that the UK is a member of the security council and will obviously veto any attempt to bring war crimes charges against it. The extent of Israel's isolation is especially evident when countries friendly to the zionist regime, such as the UK, consider adopting a report that clearly accuses it of war crimes.