Monday, 2 November 2009

Israel arrests one settler killer but what about the rest?

Unusually for Israel, the land that's whole reason for existence is to terrorise Palestinians has for the first time ever arrested an American settler terrorist. no charges yet though...
Israeli security services were today re-questioning an American-Israeli settler who they say has confessed to attacks including the killing of two Palestinians and wounding a professor with a pipe bomb.

Yaakov "Jack" Teitel, an American who emigrated to Israel a decade ago, was arrested by police and undercover agents for Shin Bet, Israel's domestic security agency, as he handed out leaflets condemning homosexuals last month.

Police said Teitel has a hardline rightwing ideology based on hatred of Palestinians, leftwingers, homosexuals and even the Israeli police.

"He is a determined man with very deeply-rooted ideology," Eki Makmel, the deputy commander of an Israeli police Swat team, was quoted as saying.

Micky Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman, described Teitel as a "Jewish terrorist", adding: "He was deeply involved in terrorism in all different levels."

It is rare for Israeli police to make such an arrest, even though human rights groups have documented repeated incidents of settler violence against Palestinians.


Most water in Gaza unfit for consumption

A lot has happened over the past week or so. Abbas calls an election but Hamas says you must be joking. Israel tries to dissipate some of the Goldstone heat by making known its intention of reviewing the internal military inquiry into its Gaza war crimes. This Wednesday the UN General Assembly is due to to deliberate on the Goldstone report.

In the real world beyond the make believe bubble of Abbas and his Israeli 'partner', the outrages at the al-Aqsa mosque continue as Clinton declares she sees no problem with peace talks going ahead in tandem with the continued building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land; what further evidence is need that the peace process is dead. Echoing this sentiment Jordanian trade unionists recently marched in Amman, Jordan, demanding the ending of the peace treaty with Israel.

Meanwhile, in Gaza the situation for residents deteriorates by the day. What passes for a sewage system is near collapse and the number of Gazans out of reach of clean drinking water is growing dangerously, as raw sewage seeps into the groundwater. And just as the water crisis intensifies the Israelis, in an attempt at some kind of sick joke, allow tea through their blockade for the first time. Most of the water in gaza is now unfit for drinking according to the Palestinian Water Authority. On the West Bank Amnesty International reports that the 450,000 illegal settlers get more water than the 2.3 million Palestinians
“The 450,000 Israeli settlers, who live in the West Bank in violation of international law, use as much or more water than the Palestinian population of some 2.3m,” the report states.

Amnesty concludes: ”Israel must uphold its obligations as the occupying power by putting an immediate end to the current policies and practices which arbitrarily restrict the Palestinians’ access to and availability of water in the [occupied Palestinian territories].”
And the struggle for life has seen two more die in tunnel collapses and a further 16 injured over the past week alone.