Friday, 6 November 2009

UN General Assembly backs Goldstone report on Gaza war crimes

Israel's isolation was underlined at the UN yesterday when the General Assembly endorsed the Goldstone Report
JERUSALEM (AP) Israel said on Friday that a U.N. General Assembly decision to endorse a report accusing the Jewish state of war crimes lacked the support of the world's "moral majority."

In a vote Thursday, the General Assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-drafted resolution calling on Israel and the Palestinians to conduct "credible" investigations into alleged war crimes committed by both sides during the fighting in Gaza early this year. The motion, drafted by Arab countries, raised the possibility of Security Council action if the sides do not comply.


Abbas caves in to critics and stands down from presidency

Rejoice - Abbas is standing down from the presidency of the Palestinian Authority next year and will not be standing for reelection. He is trying to restore his battered reputation following his attempt to sideline the Goldstone report at the behest of Israel and the US. So, by way of covering his tracks Abbas rails against the US and Israel for wanting to open negotiations while settlement building continues and of course to blame Hamas for his own failings.