Friday, 8 January 2010

Two bodies recovered from tunnels after Israel air raid

Yet another Israeli air strike - this time on the tunnels. A Palestinian teenager is reported to have been decapitated. Israel seems to be ratcheting up its pitiless war of attrition against the people of Gaza. Another body has also been dug out - a victim from earlier strikes.
Smugglers were working in the tunnel when the incident happened. A number of workers are still trapped in the underground tunnel.

Medical sources said the dead was a teenager, whose head was separated from his body.

Four earlier Israeli air strikes took place, targeting open spaces and a training site for the Islamic Hamas movement, security sources and witnesses said.

The Israeli army started the attacks around midnight, and said that the targeted places were used by Palestinian militants to produce, store and fire rockets into Israel. more

Anti-Wall activists beaten and gassed at Bilin protest

Peaceful anti-apartheid wall protesters are gassed, again, at Bilin.
Some 300 Palestinians and left-wing activists protested against the separation fence west of Ramallah on Friday. Some 100 of them clashed with security forces near the village of Bilin and threw stones at them. The forces used crowd dispersal means.

Another 200 protesters clashed with security forces near the village of Nilin and threw stones at the forces, who responded with crowd control means. There were no reports of injures in either incident. ynetnews(Efrat Weiss)

Meanwhile human rights activist Jamal Juma remains in detention without charge following the round up of anti-wall activists a few weeks ago.
On Monday January 4, at a military hearing in Ramallah, an Israeli court extended the detention of human rights activist Jamal Juma' for a further three days. Despite being held for 20 days, no charges have yet been brought against Jamal.

A solidarity demonstration had been planned for Jamal's hearing. In addition several consular representatives, concerned at the ongoing arrest of anti-Wall leaders, had planned to attend the hearing. In response, Israeli authorities surreptitiously moved the proceedings from Jerusalem to the Ofer prison near Ramallah the evening prior to the hearing and changed the time of the hearing.

Despite these measures, almost 50 people had obtained access to the court room, located in a makeshift mobile home at Ofar prison. Diplomats from Europe and beyond, Palestinian civil society leaders from within the Green Line, and Israeli and international supporters were all present.

Jamal was able to address the crowd prior to the hearing, stating, "This case is not only about me. It is an attack on those that are standing up against the wall and the occupation." more at the Stop the Wall Campaign

George Galloway deported from Egypt by Mubarak dictatorship

George Galloway has been deported from Egypt, according to the BBC. This is the first time that the Viva Palestina convoy has been reported on the homepage of the BBC's main national news website.Apparently George has been declared persona non grata - which he should take as a source of pride. The Mubarak regime yet again shows what a rotten collaborationist gang of thugs it is.
British MP George Galloway has been deported from Egypt, say activists working with him to take an aid convoy into Gaza.

The Bow and Bethnal Green MP had been with international activists trying to take 200 aid trucks into the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Egypt had refused some of the vehicles access and there have been protests and clashes on the Egypt-Gaza border.

The state news agency says Mr Galloway has left Egypt and returned home.

There have also been reports the Respect MP has been declared "persona non grata" and will not be allowed to enter Egypt again, following his criticism of Cairo over delays to the aid convoy. more

Israel to compensate UN for war damage to facilities

For the first time since its occupation of Palestine began in 1948 the zionist regime has agreed to pay compensation for the damage it has caused to UN facilities. Unfortunately it is unlikely Israel will be paying reparations to the Palestinian people for the theft of their land and the wanton killings and destruction of property they have been engaged in for many decades. Nevertheless the fact that Israel has taken this step is a testament to the international pressure it is under following its most recent war on Gaza and potentially opens the door to claims by parties other than the UN.
Israel has agreed in principle to reimburse losses the United Nations suffered during the Gaza war a year ago, a UN spokesman said on Thursday.

Spokesman Martin Nesirky declined to give a figure or other details of the accord. A UN inquiry last year put the cost of damage to UN property in Gaza during the December 2008 - January 2009 conflict at over $11 million, almost all of it caused by Israeli forces. more at Ynetnews

Airstrikes kill three Palestinians as resistance shows off anti-tank weapons

Another cowardly Israeli air strike has killed three Palestinians. It follows the dropping of thousands of flyers along the border yesterday. Israel says its is in response to Palestinian mortar fire, but as usual no Israelis have been killed in the past week and now a total of nine Palestinians.

The al-Qasssam Brigades resistance fighters have put on show new anti-tank weapons and missiles:
The photos showed the missiles were Tandem, RPG-29 anti-armor missiles and "Rocket 107."

The brigades said they used each of those weapons for only one time in January 2009 when the Israeli ground operation was underway. more