Thursday, 28 January 2010

IDF tanks shell eastern Gaza City and border

The International Middle East Media Center reports Israeli tanks shelled areas of Gaza City Thursday afternoon. Fortunately no casualties have been reported although there was damage to property.

Second UN report on Gaza due from UN General Assembly

Tomorrow (Friday 29 January) marks the end of the three-month deadline for the UN General Assembly to report on the Gaza War. The Assembly called for the report in response to the recommendation of the Goldstone Report, on behalf of the UN Human Rights Council, that its report be discussed by the Assembly and prosecutions then sought through the International Criminal Court at the Hague. It's not clear if Secretary Ban - who was asked to consider the results of investigations by Israel and the Palestinians that were recommended by Goldstone - will say whether he is in a position to make a statement. Israel refused to co-operate with any UN-led inquiry or to carry out an investigation.

Lawyers call for prosecution of Israeli war criminals

THE HAGUE, (PIC)-- International law expert and lawyer in the Palestinian center for human rights Dara Murray stressed on Monday the need for activating the prosecution of Israeli war criminals through invoking the international jurisdiction and implementing the recommendations of Goldstone report.

During his participation in a conference held in Netherlands, Murray underlined that Israel is characterized by two properties represented in its continuing and escalating violations of international law and the immunity it is granted to cover up for its crimes against the Palestinian people.

He added that Israel’s persistence in committing violations against the Palestinians was clearly demonstrated by its attacks on the Gaza Strip over the past years.

A number of European lawmakers and international figures including Karen Abu Zayd, the former commissioner-general of the UNRWA, participated in this conference on international law and Gaza.