Thursday, 11 February 2010

Senior al-Qassam brigades fighter killed in air strike

The International Middle East Media Center reports that the person killed in today;s air strikes was a member of the Hamas aligned al Qassam brigades
The al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, reported on Thursday morning, that one of its fighters was killed in Gaza City during what the group described as “Jihadist Task”.

The brigades issued a statement mourning the slain fighter, and identified him as Mohammad Said Hassouna, 23.

The group added that Hassouna was killed “while performing his duties,” and added that he is one of its senior fighters.

The brigades said that its fighters will remain steadfast and ready to counter the Israeli occupation.

Islamist militant killed in airstrike in central Gaza says IDF

IDF claims 'global jihadist' killed in Gaza airstrikes.
Gaza – Ma'an – An Israeli airstrike at midday killed one and injured a second, hours after Israeli artillery fire injured three children in Johur Ad-Dik, in central Gaza on Thursday.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed the strike, noting it was in retaliation against militants who had fired on Israeli patrol jeeps earlier that morning. He said the patrol had been operating on the east side of the Gaza border, and that soldiers returned fire in the direction of the attack.

The same spokesman later identified the slain man as 26-year-old Faris Ahmad Jaber of Gaza City, allegedly affiliated with the "Global Jihad," an unheard of group not know to operate in Gaza. The spokesman said Jaber and one other man were preparing to launch an attack on Israel when the airstrike hit them. The second man was not identified, but the spokesman said he was known to have been involved in planning a separate attack on Israel.


IDF tanks shell Gaza's Bureij refugee camp

Israeli tanks launched an attack on the Bureij refugee camp today. Two girls have been injured.
Two Palestinian girls were wounded on Thursday when an Israeli tank shell exploded near their home during an exchange of fire along the border of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics said.

The girls, aged five and nine, were wounded by shrapnel from the blast, according to Muawiya Hassanein, the head of Gaza emergency services.

An Israeli military spokesman said there was an exchange of fire along the border near the Bureij refugee camp, where the strike took place.