Wednesday, 17 February 2010

US congressman calls for US to break Gaza siege

US congressman Brain Baird calls for US to break Gaza siege
The United States should break Israel's blockade of Gaza and deliver badly needed supplies by sea, a U.S. congressman told Gaza students.

Rep. Brian Baird, a Democrat from Washington state, also urged President Barack Obama's Mideast envoy to visit the Hamas-ruled territory to get a firsthand look at the destruction caused by Israeli's military offensive last year.

The Obama administration, like its predecessor, shuns Hamas because the Islamic militant group refuses to recognize Israel or renounce violence.


Rafah crossing may resume normal operations soon

Story by the Turkish Weekly cites Maan report that negotiations ar recontinuing with the PA in Ramallah for the reopening of the Rafah crossing.
Gaza – Ma'an – The de facto government in the Gaza Strip is holding contacts with the Ramallah-based government and others to reopen the Rafah crossing, an official said on Tuesday.

Ghazi Hamad, head of crossings authority in Gaza, said Egypt, the Red Cross, and the UN were involved in ongoing talks to return the crossing to normal operations.

At a news conference in Gaza City, Hamad said an agreement could be reached between the Gaza government and Ramallah.

According to Hamad, 70 to 100 patients leave Gaza through the Erez crossing with Israel every day, while the Kerem Shalom and Karni crossings allow limited amounts of goods and humanitarian aid into Gaza weekly.


Zionists call for boycott of University of California at Irvine over Gaza activism

Zionist Organization Calls for Jewish Boycott of UC Irvine

Muslim students spoke up about the criminal slaughter of civilians in Gaza and now they're in trouble.

(LOS ANGELES) - In a press release today, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) urged Jews to not make monetary contributions to the University of California at Irvine (UCI) and for Jewish students not to apply there.

The Zionists are angry that the university administration has not clamped down hard enough on Palestinian and Muslim students who criticized what they see as the criminal policies of the "illegitimate state of Israel".

The ZOA had particularly harsh words against UCI Chancellor Michael Drake. Dr. Drake, who is Afro-American, has a demonstrated history of fairness towards all students but the ZOA is demanding he treat Palestinians and Muslim students in a manner tantamount to “crucifixion.”

The ZOA particularly hates UCI’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) because the student organization has sponsored a series of events on campus that have exposed the war crimes committed by the Israeli Zionist regime against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The ZOA is also angry at the MSU because they helped Viva Palestina USA last year by sponsoring Member of the British Parliament George Galloway as a speaker on campus. MP George Galloway was in the USA rallying for support of Viva Palestina which provides humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza.


Yossi Melman fingers Mossad for Mabhouh murder

Israel's Mossad secret service, more formally known as the Institute for Espionage and Special Tasks, has a long history of carrying out clandestine operations, including several spectacular assassinations. Much remains secret but cases that are documented have involved large teams of agents using false or stolen passports to disguise their Israeli origins.

The Mossad's assassination unit has been known at different times as Caesarea and Kidon (Bayonet). Women agents have often been involved – there was reportedly one in the Dubai killing.

Israel's official silence does not mean that it cannot be heard trumpeting its success. "The intelligence [about Dubai] was reliable and accurate," ­commented the respected national security specialist Yossi Melman in the newspaper Haaretz earlier this month. "Even though Mabhouh knew Israeli ­intelligence had him in its sights and took stringent precautions they still managed to get him."

Information released by Dubai shows the professionalism of the suspected assassins and their methods, Melman commented today, citing a novel written by a former Mossad officer, Mishka Ben-David, the plot of which bears a close similarity to the abortive poison attack on the Hamas leader Khaled Misha'al in Jordan in 1997. That case caused huge political embarrassment when two agents using false Canadian passports fled to the Israeli embassy in Amman.


Heavy sentences against Muslim students aims to criminalise UK's Gaza protests

Severe sentences are being handed down to Gaza protesters, some accused of doing nothing more than throwing a placard stick. And the British state wonders why British Muslims are becoming radicalised.
by Siân Ruddick

Seven people who took part in the protests against the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2009 were jailed last week.

Some were as long as two and a half years.

The judge said that the aim of his sentencing was to create a “deterrent effect”.

The length of the sentences went against the recommendations of the pre-sentence reports by the probation service.

The charges related to the demonstration on 10 January last year when police clashed with protesters outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington, London.

The accused all pled guilty to violent disorder – they were accused of throwing placard sticks and pushing or kicking police.

Only one of the defendants has a previous conviction, and most are in full time education.

Mohammed El-Araj, aged 20, was sentenced to two years, despite a pre-sentence report which suggested that he recieve a community order.