Thursday, 18 February 2010

Israel worries that Mossad has overstepped the mark this time

Haaretz carries an editorial asking what it describes as troubling questions:

Did the goal justify carrying out a hit in a moderate Arab country?
Should Israel really be goading its enemy, Iran, at this time?
Why are we embarrassing the United Arab Emirates who also fear Iran?
Were risks to future operations taken into account?
Was it worth damaging relations with friendly European powers by stealing passports?
Is it proper to put in harms way clueless Israeli citizens?
Should all Jews coming to Israel from the west be concerned about identity theft?

Israel starting to get worried.

UK calls in Israeli ambassador over Mossad murder of Mabhouh

The Israeli government has got so used to operating with impunity that it thinks nothing of stealing the identities of recent immigrants to the country from Britain. And of course the UK ambassador will say don't do it again, or if you do don't leave so many clues behind. I guess if you can wantonly kill women and children in their hundreds and no one does anything about it, then killing an Al-Qassam leader in Dubai is easy. Yet another argument has come to pass as to why Israel is a terrorist, gangster state.
The British and Irish governments have called in their Israeli ambassadors over the use of fake passports by the alleged killers of a Hamas commander.
Dubai police believe 11 "agents with European passports" killed Palestinian militant Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January. Six British passports were fraudulent.
The Dubai police chief has said he is 99% sure Israel is involved in the killing, according to a UAE newspaper.