Friday, 19 February 2010

UAE calls for arrest of Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Netanyahu over al-Mabhouh murder

Dubai police chief calls for arrest of Meir Dagan (pictured above), the head of Mossad. In addition to the UK, France and Ireland, the US is now investigating Mossad's activities because US credit cards were used to pay for flights. Israel's UK ambassador Proser was "unable to add information" on the identity theft. Passports not stolen but 'sophisticated clones'. Photos and signatures on passports don't match any of the six British Israelis. The Guardian newspaper speculates that UK is threatening to go back on an understanding to change the 'universal jurisdiction' law so that Israel's war criminals could not face arrest or charges on future visits to the UK.

The Dubai police also suggested yesterday that Netanyahu should face justice:
Earlier Gen Tamim had said if it is proven that Mossad is responsible for the killing of al Mabhouh “Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, will be the first to be wanted for justice as he would have been the one who signed the decision to kill [Mahmoud] al Mabhouh in Dubai’ and that an arrest warrant will be issued against him.

However, today Gen Tamim declined to comment on whether the UAE authorities is to issue an arrest warrant for Mr Netanyahu.


Meanwhile in Syria a Hamas security official has been arrested on suspicion of collaboration with Mossad. Two Palestinians made up the hit squad of at least 11, and were arrested a week ago in Dubai after being extradited back from Jordan where they fled after the assassination. Hamas and Fatah are trading insults.

IDF soldier injured in Gaza fence explosion

IDF soldier injured on eastern side of border fence yesterday.
A Golani soldier was lightly wounded Thursday morning when an explosive device was detonated by the Gaza Strip security fence near Kibbutz Kisufim. The soldier received medical assistance at the site and then taken to Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba.

The incident occurred as IDF forces patrolled the eastern side of the fence. The device was apparently detonated by remote control. After the explosion, soldiers scoured the area and found another device which had not exploded.