Saturday, 27 February 2010

EU court moves against Israeli settlement duty-free import status

Important move by EU court piles pressure on governments to stop agricultural imports from Israel's illegal settlements on the West Bank.
(CN) - Europe's high court ruled that Israeli products manufactured in the West Bank and Gaza Strip might not qualify for duty-free import under two trade agreements.
A special trade treaty governs products from Israel, while another treaty with the Palestinian authority regulates trade from the disputed territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Court of Justice explained.
The ruling stems from German company Brita's attempt to secure the duty-free import of drink supplies from a West Bank factory run by Soda-Club, a company based in Israel.


UN General Assembly gives Israel five months to come up with credible Gaza war report

As predicted UN General Assembly strings it out on Goldstone and war crimes investigation of Israel...
UN General Assembly one more time called Israel and the Palestinians on Friday to hold credible investigations regarding the war crimes they were accused of committing during Gaza war last winter. The General Assembly gave the two parties a period of 5 months to do their investigations.