Thursday, 4 March 2010

UK signals backdown on war crimes arrests threat despite Mossad activities

So what does Israel have to do to earn the displeasure of the British government? Kill 1,400 people - that's OK, fake our citizens' passports - that's OK.
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain said on Thursday it would restrict its citizens' right to seek war crimes arrests, after diplomatic protests over a warrant for the arrest of Israeli ex-foreign minister Tzipi Livni for the Gaza offensive.

The arrest warrant was withdrawn after Livni cancelled a visit to London last December, and she has not attempted to visit Britain since.


Head of EU foreign affairs council Catherine Ashton urged to visit Gaza on Israel trip

EU's head of foreign affairs is being urged by leading charities to see the effects of the Gaza blockade for herself. Maybe she'll ask Israel for compensation after destroying Gaza infrastructure built with EU funds, but we won't hold our breaths...
LONDON- EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton should go to Gaza during her visit to Israel next month, a coalition of leading charities said Thursday.

Groups including Christian Aid, CAFOD and Amnesty International UK say Ashton needs to "see for herself the devastating impact of (Israel's) two-and-a-half year blockade of the strip on its civilian population".

Ashton is visiting Israel on March 17. In December, Israel prevented a delegation of European Parliament lawmakers from travelling to Gaza despite initially authorising the visit. more

IDF raid Hadarim prison in attempt to break Palestinian morale and prevent protests

IDF launches raid on an Israeli prison but no inmates were seized. Motivation seems to be to spread intimidation and fear so that prisoners think twice before protesting their conditions.
Gaza – Ma’an – The Prisoners Affairs Ministry in Gaza said Wednesday that Israeli forces raided the Hadarim detention center and searched prisoners' cells on Tuesday.

In a statement, the ministry said Israeli forces raided center and forced prisoners to strip. They were searched "provocatively" and verbally abused, according to the ministry.

Video: report on Israeli Apartheid Week and Israel's PR counter offensive

Al-Jazeera report on the Sixth Israeli Apartheid Week and how the comparisons with Aparthied SOuth Africa is really getting too the Israeli establishment.