Wednesday, 17 March 2010

IDF opens fire on demonstrators challenging Gaza 'no-go zone' near Beit Hanoun

Israel's 'buffer zone' takes more of the limited amount of land available for cultivation out of use. Farmers are regularly harassed and shot at by Israel's soldiers.
Gaza – Ma'an – Israeli forces opened fire during a demonstration in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday afternoon, protesters said.

Abu Al-Walid Az-Zaq, member of the Popular Committee Against the Buffer Zone, said the demonstration was intended to reassert control over an Israeli "no-go area" near Beit Hanoun.

The closure separates farmers and residents from their lands and property, and runs counter to claims that the military evacuated all of Gaza during its 2005 redeployment.


Israel targets Palestinian children in attempt to crush peaceful protests

As the strains in the US/Israel relationship start to show it should be remembered that the US is still totally committed to 'Israel's security'. So it's no surprise that there have been no condemnations from the US over the injuring of dozens of Palestinian protesters yesterday in East Jerusalem. Israeli security forces have been targeting children as a way of pressuring the resistance movement. Also, Israel announced it has lifted its closure of the West Bank but the defacto closure created by countless roadblocks, checkpoints and settlements of course continues.
SILWAN, EAST JERUSALEM, Mar 16, 2010 (IPS) - Three thousand heavily armed Israeli security service forces locked down large parts of the Old City of Jerusalem on Tuesday, as battalions of police fired rounds of tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinian protesters in the occupied eastern part of the city. Nearly 40 Palestinians were wounded and treated at nearby hospitals, as 25 were arrested during intense clashes...

..."The Israeli forces are threatening the families through the children," Shafaa continues. "In the cases when the police come in and arrest the children, they will only release them on an expensive bail, and every day, the community continues to fear what will happen to their kids."