Tuesday, 20 April 2010

IDF order 1650 aims to undermine unity of West Bank/Gaza and to expel Palestinians

More on IDF order 1650 demanding Palestinians carry apartheid-style passes to move about their own country - or be deported as 'infiltrators'. The order, naturally, does not apply to Israeli settlers. Most Palestinians are unaware of many of the orders emanating from the occupation forces as they are issued in Hebrew.
Has Israel Reneged on the Unity of West Bank and Gaza? by Daoud Kuttab, Palestinian journalist residing in Jerusalem and Amman, writing for the Huffington Post.
...Such was the case on October 13, 2009, when Major General Gadi Shamni, commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank, redefined who is an infiltrator (anyone without a special Israeli-issued valid permit) and what the punishment of infiltration is: up to seven years in jail, NIS 7,500 ($2,000) and deportation.

The Israeli military order number 1650 gave Palestinians six months to get their act in order. However, few Palestinians were even aware of this military order until an Israeli reporter quoted Israeli human rights organisations saying that the six months are to expire on April 13, putting tens of thousands of Palestinians in danger of imprisonment, fine and deportation.

While public deportation which are contrary to the Geneva Conventions had stopped in 1992, a much more sinister plan appears to have been implemented. The new undeclared policy is called by some "the transfer policy," whereby Palestinians are "encouraged" to leave and not return by use of various administrative orders, such as this latest order.

Ironically, this infiltration order does not apply to Jewish settlers who are indeed infiltrating into Palestinian territories, nor does it apply to Jewish settlers residing in the so called "outposts" that have not been even authorised officially by the occupying state of Israel. This is yet one more example of the fact that Israel is applying an apartheid regime in the occupied territories with Jewish settlers living under a different set of legal codes unlike what is applied to Palestinians.