Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Chomsky banned from West Bank by 'democratic' Israel - aid convoy threatened

The perverse Israeli PR machine scored another own goal in its quest to make the state it serves the most popular one in the world with the banning of Chomsky from the West Bank. Of course they have now given Chomsky and the Palestinian cause the publicity and support they seek to deny - what foolish arrogance.

It would appear that the 'Jewish state' is now waging war against Jewish people that speak out against Zionism. Goldstone has been feeling their wrath for some time - he has penned a defence of himself here - "my loyalty is to justice", he explains.

A week ago 'democratic' Israel shot dead a peaceful protester, Ahmed Salim, at the Gaza buffer zone unilaterally created by Israel to deprive Palestinians of even more land.

Meanwhile Israel is doing its best to prevent the aid flotilla from reaching Gaza. It has now deported Izzet Shahin, from the Turkish NGO Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), who was in Palestine (West Bank) setting up logistics for the aid mission.

Today resistance forces were in clashes with the IDF. No casualties have been reported as yet.

The US, which seems to have given up on trying to project its supposed impartiality has announced that it will be funding the Israeli missile defence system. Good luck with that - this move is more ideological than military as the system doesn't have a hope in hell of stopping Katuyshas or Grads. A better way of defending Israel's civilians would be to stop occupying Palestinian land, incarcerating its people and killing its children. Will they never learn?

Thankfully the ships of the flotilla are making progress with the MV Rachel Corrie embarking from Ireland yesterday:

Solidarity activists aboard a 1,200-ton cargo ship loaded with reconstruction aid for Gaza have vowed to defy the Israeli blockade.

The MV Rachel Corrie, which set sail from Ireland's Dundalk Docks on Saturday night, will be joined by three ships from Turkey and five from Greece when it arrives in Cyprus next week.

The nine-vessel Freedom Flotilla is set to cast anchor at Gaza City's docks on May 27 with its 10,000-ton cargo of reconstruction material, medical equipment and school supplies. more