Saturday, 5 June 2010

Israel to award medal to soldier who killed six on flotilla

The IDF has a reputation for discipline. As the Israelis like to say, it is the most moral army in the world. That reputation is surely now in tatters. You would have thought the last Gaza war would have put paid to that idea - what with the revolting t-shirts returning IDF soldiers produced celebrating their barbarism.

This is the same 'moral' and 'disciplined' army that claimed it was defending itself when it killed at least nine people on the Freedom Flotilla. But as the Guardian has reported the number of bullets found in people's heads attests to the fact that many were shot at close quarters in something approaching execution style. Now according to the Telegraph Israel wants to award a medal to the lead murderer who was apparently responsible for six of the deaths.

IDF boards MV Rachel Corrie in international waters

From witnessgaza.comTwitter feed:
about 29 minutes ago | Israel's PR campaign as they refuse to call ship RACHEL CORRIE
about 30 minutes ago

Were guns involved in this alleged granting of permission to board?
about 41 minutes ago

Do they not understand that it's violent to board the ship in international waters and force it into Ashdod.
about 42 minutes ago

IDF boarded the Rachel Corrie with permission of the crew, did so by sea, no helicopters no reports of violence.