Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More artists join boycott movement against Israel

The Pixies have joined a lengthening line of international artists that are refusing to work (tour) in Israel. They follow in the recent footsteps Elvis Costello and Gil Scott-Heron.

Israel may 'ease' Gaza siege in return for watered down flotilla inquiry

What with both Turkey and Iran threatening to send warships and aid ships, respectively, to Gaza, Israel is starting to feel the pressure. According to AP, citing a Daily Telegraph report indicating that Israel is willing to trade a watered down international inquiry for an easing of the Gaza blockade, but exactly what Israel means by 'easing' is anyone's guess.
Israel is set to accept a plan under which it would ease its Gaza blockade in return for the international community agreeing a limited probe into a deadly flotilla raid, it was reported Wednesday.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Britain last week circulated a document outlining proposals to ease the blockade. It quoted an unnamed Western source close to the talks with Israel saying: "A quid pro quo deal is in the offing". more