Wednesday, 21 July 2010

One dead and seven injured as IDF shells northern Gaza

Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza is being shelled. One person has been killed so far and seven injured. Resistance fighters say they have shot one Israeli soldier, according to Maan news agency.
Gaza – Ma'an – A Palestinian man was killed and seven others were injured by Israeli tank shelling that reportedly targeted armed Palestinian operatives in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday afternoon.

Medics at Beit Hanoun Government Hospital identified the slain man as Mohammad Al-Kafarneh, 22. Seven others sustained serious wounds and one was listed in critical condition, hospital officials said. They were not immediately identified.

An Israeli soldier was also shot, the armed wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine said. The National Resistance Brigades said its forces targeted an Israeli patrol that crossed into Palestinian territory along the 300-meter no-go zone east of Beit Hanoun. A sniper "fired directly at an Israeli soldier who was inside Gaza, near Beit Hanoun, at 2:50 p.m. Wednesday evening," the armed group said in a statement. more

Swedish activist forcefully detained by Israeli soldiers faces trial in Jerusalem

Israel has been targeting internationals in the pro-Palestine movement for some time. In addition to killing them they are also harassing and arresting activists on the streets.
A Swedish peace activist was arrested in Hebron last night and stood trial today in Jerusalem.

Nursing student Marcus Rednanver was accused of assaulting a soldier at a peaceful demonstration in Hebron 10 days ago.

Witnesses say the charge is baseless and that he has been targeted by police arbitrarily.

The judge ordered that he be detained and questioned for a further two days.

At approximately 11PM last night (20 July 2010) Rednanver and another Swedish man were passing a checkpoint near Tel Rumeida when soldiers forcefully detained him, confiscated his passport and called police.

Rednanver was not told where he had been taken but believed it was a police station near Hebron.

Officials at the Court of Peace in the Russian Compound, Jerusalem, heard his case at 12.30 this afternoon. Following the judge’s ruling he was led wasy in handcuffs and shackled at the ankles. He told friends who attended the hearing that he had not been fed since he was arrested.

He will be released on Friday 23rd at 12 noon unless the police investigation can produce new evidence.
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Israel demolishes West Bank village after cutting water and declaring it live-fire zone

Just when you thought Israel couldn't stoop any lower it has. The IDF has demolished a West Bank village after the authorities cut off the water to it to get rid of the people, in a long-running practice of declaring areas live-fire zones. Some of the people from the village have lived there for decades according to Haaretz. The people who have been driven out of the village have also lost their livelihoods as they were mostly sheep farmers. The Israeli occupiers do not allow Palestinians to grow on their land in the Jordan Valley.

The stench of racism and colonialism is heightened this morning by the news of an Arab man being charged with rape after consensual sex with a Jewish woman. That smacks of Nazis-style race laws.
Since 1967, Israel has prevented Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley from growing, whether by cutting off their water supply, declaring large areas as live fire zones or banning all construction.

About a year ago the IDF set up hundreds of warning signs near Palestinian farming communities, marking them closed military areas. Such a sign was set up at the entrance to Farasiya.

The families had recently been forced to leave the village when the Israeli authorities cut it off from its water sources, said the popular committees' coordinator in the valley, Fathi Hadirat. The villagers were forbidden to use the water wells the Mekorot Water Company had dug in the area.

Hadirat said a few years ago the Civil Administration destroyed the pipe the villages had laid from a nearby stream used for drinking water and irrigation.

Since then they have been watering the sheep and fields with water unfit for human consumption, pumped from a salt water source. They received drinking water in tanks.

About four months ago the IDF confiscated their pumps. On Sunday, 10 families from Bardala, a village north of Farasiya, were given demolition notices. more