Tuesday, 27 July 2010

UK prime minister Cameron calls Gaza a prison camp

British prime minister Cameron has described the Israeli-imposed siege as turning Gaza into a prison camp. Well I never - a Tory speaking the truth. But what was the context I hear you ask? Well, he is on a visit to Turkey so, really, it was the least he could say after the murder of eight of Turkey's citizens (and one Turkish-American) at the hands of the Israeli state for doing nothing more than trying to deliver aid to the people of Gaza.

Now, having said that, it's going to make the pro-Israel crowd, such as the Conservative Friends of Israel, hopping mad so that's something to cheer.

Israel backs down on international inquiry into Gaza flotilla killings

Israel has agreed to co-operate with an inquiry by the UN into the flotilla massacre, according to reports. It is thought Israel has agreed the move as a way of heading off an inquiry by the UN Human Rights Council which Israel loathes even more than the general assembly. It is under the auspices of the UNHRC that the Goldstone investigation and report on Israel's Gaza war crimes was conducted.

At last week's meeting in Washington Obama probably told Netanyahu to wise up and go along with the talking shop as the US will make sure nothing substantive will come out of it by way of criticism or action against Israel. Unfortunately that's probably true, but nevertheless it is an indication of the growing isolation of the settler state, showing that those activists murdered on the flotilla did not die in vain.