Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Egypt bars Iranian MPs from entering Gaza through Rafah on solidarity mission

True to form, the egyptian dictatorship is refusing to give visas to Iranian lawmakers who wish to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Egypt's long and sordid history of collaboration with Israel is winning it no friends in the region, so It can nly be the US underwriting the Egyptian economy that keeps Mubarak onside, and his own fear of the Islamic Brotherhood, at home and abroad. The last Viva Palestina land convoy was attacked by Egyptian security forces when it tried to enter Gaza using the Sinai route. Also, while we're on collaboration with Israel, Egypts has also closed down 10 tunnels into the strip:
TEHRAN — Egypt has denied visas to four Iranian lawmakers who planned to travel to the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, Iran's Press TV reported on Wednesday.

"The Egyptian government has stonewalled the visa process... no visa has been issued for the MPs as of yet," Mahmoud Ahmadi Bighash, one of the four lawmakers, was quoted as saying by the English-language television's website.

The other three lawmakers were Evaz Heydarpour, Parviz Sarouri and Shobayb Jouyjari. They were due to leave for the densely populated, impoverished Palestinian enclave on Tuesday.

On July 21, Mehr news agency reported that the four would enter Gaza through Egypt's Rafah crossing. more