Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Church in Wales's Canon Morrison calls for lifting of Israel's Gaza siege

Canon Robin Morrison is a member of the Church in Wales International Strategic Affairs Group. Writing in today's Western Mail, a UK regional newspaper, he attacks Israel's moral hypocrisy, calling for the immediate lifting of the siege. People from Swansea (see video above) took part in the last Viva Palestina aid convoy. A mobile dental clinic donated by funds raised from local people was destroyed in Israel's recent war against the people of Gaza.

Israel, with its democratic claims, faces charge of moral hypocrisy

Aug 4 2010 by Our Correspondent, Western Mail

After David Cameron sparked a diplomatic row by describing Gaza as a “prison camp”, Church in Wales Canon Robin Morrison urges Israel to take heed of the criticism

THE Prime Minister, speaking during his recent foreign tour, boldly stated what many people have felt for some time. He accused Israel of turning Gaza into a prison camp and demanded that more provisions be allowed in.

The realities of life in Gaza were brought home sharply to people in Wales last year when a mobile dental clinic, funded by The clinic, emblazoned with the Welsh flag, was parked outside a family health care centre which was hit by a missile and devastated. Fortunately, the mobile clinic was not damaged and was able to continue its work delivering front-line medical care to people in more need than ever. The incident, however, highlighted the need for vital medical supplies in Gaza and people in Wales responded generously to the Church’s appeal, raising more than £70,000...

...If secular Zionism still claims a right to the land, over the Palestinians, then it should take the morality in its history more seriously. The possession of the land “flowing with milk and honey”, achieved through the conquest and destruction of other peoples, came from a sense of promise, calling and responsibility combined.ŠIt is that responsibility “to be a light to lighten the nations” which the actions of modern Israel has so discredited. more

Palestinian soldier killed and two injured after IDF shelling near Khan Younis

A Palestinian fighter has been killed and two wounded after the IDF shelled southern Gaza, east of Khan Younis. It's now been confirmed that an IDF officer was shot dead by a Lebanese army sniper. Someone should remind the IDF high command that the days of attacking Lebanon with impunity are over.
A Palestinian was killed and two others wounded shortly after midnight in an Israeli artillery shelling on an area east of the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, medics and witnesses said Wednesday morning.

The witnesses said that the Israeli artillery targeted, with three shells, a group of militants east of the village of Abassan, killing one of them and wounding two. more